On Wednesday, November 22 2017, the Plečnik House in Ljubljana hosted the opening of the photography exhibition “Urban Bee Homes since Plečnik to this Day”. The exhibition gives insight into different bee homes within an urban environment, including Jože Plečnik’s beehive. The exhibition was made possible by the City Municipality of Ljubljana and the BTC Company. The exhibition will be open until January 8 2018 at the open exhibition area Krakovski nasip.

Where there are bees, there is life. Our native Carniolan honey bee, however, has been facing some serious issues in the past couple of years and needs our help – moving the bees to the city could be the right solution. With urban beehives and the Ljubljana Bee Trail, the bees are moving ever closer in sync with urban citizens. This year, as Ljubljana holds the title of the European Green Capital, the project to aid the bees, headed by the BTC Company and the City of Ljubljana, continues, urging people to plant native melliferous flowers on their balconies and windowsills.