A story of success

The story of the development of BTC d.d. is a model example of long term investments in realising visions. Investments that have resulted in success across a number of undertakings ranging from property management to logistics and digitalisation.

Under the brand name BTC City, BTC d.d. also manages one of the largest shopping, business and leisure centers in Europe, located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

BTC is a story of success that we write together with our partners.


About the company

Find out more about the innovation, courage and vision that have put the company at the top of the Slovenian economy and confirm its status as a reliable strategic and business partner to over 3000 local and international companies.


Discover BTC

Discover all the benefits of BTC, the company at the helm of the largest business, shopping, recreation, sports and innovation centre in Southeastern Europe (BTC CITY), as well as a number of third party owned properties measuring a total of 1 million square meters of space. The company provides complete and integrated logistics services to many Slovenian and foreign companies which in turn allows it to develop and build its own ecosystem that fosters innovation.


Social responsibility

Acting responsibly towards people and the environment is our foremost obligation that we fulfil at every step of every act. We connect, promote and create space for a better tomorrow and a bright future for coming generations and we constantly study and discover new solutions that help society and the environment.


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All the latest information, news, daily and extraordinary events, innovations and everything else you ever wanted to find out about us.


Our doors are always open to new ideas and concepts.

We build firm partnerships with all of our partners to our mutual benefit,
seek innovative solutions and break through into global markets.

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