Responsibility towards people and the environment
is simply natural.

Mission: Green

Think green, act with deliberation.

The BTC company has always maintained its focus on its responsibility to people and the environment. That is why our development is based on environmental and social responsibility projects that are continuously expanded and upgraded year by year.

In collaboration with the local and wider community we create new business opportunities with special emphasis on maintaining responsibility towards the environment, green investments, promotion of green products and raising public awareness on green values and acts.

Today our Mission: Green is a cornerstone of our operations as per the long term 2020 development strategy. The Mission: Green business unit is tasked with making sure that sustainable development becomes an integral part of our business practice and decision making.

Four pillars of operation

Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Caring for the environment and climate change is part of our DNA. Our efforts towards a cleaner environment, air and water are strategic and goal oriented. With care, persistence and consistence we fulfil our mission that brings a profound positive influence on our future.
We take the care for our planet very seriously.

Green energy

Green energy

We strive towards success in business while maintaining strict environmental and social responsibility, constantly searching for potential energy improvements, savings and further development.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

BTC has approached energy efficiency with our characteristic spirit of innovation. Responsible energy management, work process optimisation and use of advanced technologies focused on conservation are part of the way we work. 

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

We are aware of our role in the social and natural environment and are dedicated to do our part in spearheading the development of our communal, social, sports, cultural and economic environment. We believe in collaboration and synergy, in balanced and sustainable development and in a bright future full of opportunity. 
Together hand in hand for a better tomorrow.

Sustainability objectives

Join us in our missions in
sustainable development.

Mission: Energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency mission focuses on exploring new and innovative green technologies and renewable energy sources, methods of effective and responsible use of energy, conscientious use of new technologies and many other solutions. The project includes necessary investments and infrastructure development for reducing energy consumption.

Mission: Sparing use of water

Our information system is used to rapidly detect water wastage, regularly monitor its consumption and apply various measures to further reduce its use. Brochures and stickers are distributed regularly as a friendly reminder for our employees, business partners and employees to use water sparingly.

Mission: Waste as raw material

BTC has established an effective system of planned and constant collection and separation of waste at the source and it includes our employees, business partners and visitors. All our business premises are equipped with separated waste bins, visitors are encouraged to use waste collection points with separated bins and our lessees dispose of their waste at separation areas. All four units (BTC City Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Murska Sobota and Logistics Centre) have their own waste collection centres and waste pressing machines.

Mission: Green traffic

BTC City is a friendly place for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. Significant investments are directed towards the modernisation of our traffic infrastructure and we promote and enable alternative methods of transport to and around the area.

Mission: Safety for everyone

Safety in BTC City is assured by preventive measures against fire, regular maintenance and modernisation of property security systems and constant presence of security and fire personnel that oversee the area. Our in-house security team regularly participates in professional seminars and training and is in constant contact with the police, firefighters and emergency services.

Mission: Socially responsible

Alongside our care for the environment the BTC company also works to advance wider social responsibility. In recent years our efforts have been focusing on the fields of creativity, culture and youth programs which are prone to neglect. A large part of our yearly social responsibility activities are made up of sponsorships and donations. Sponsorships cover various programs in the fields of science, education, schooling, art, culture, sports, innovation and ecology.

Mission: Innovation for progress

Innovative ecosystems are created by open and daring people. BTC company management actively fosters and promotes the inclusion of our most important stakeholders – employees, business partners and young people – into processes of innovation. They in turn bring original breakthrough ideas and new visions and thus contribute to building BTC City Ljubljana into a true city of innovation. The modern entrepreneurship centres of ABC Hub and ABC Accelerator provide innovative content and a supportive environment that motivates young companies and individuals towards success and excellence in business.

Key facts of sustainable development of BTC company

  • more than 1,700 MWh of green energy produced on average per year from renewable sources in the last 8 years,
  • 6,700 MWh of saved energy under efficient energy use projects in the last year, compared to the 2010 energy baseline,
  • impact on the environment reduced by 4,670 tons of carbon dioxide, compared to the 2010 energy baseline,
  • annual average water loss of 7.9% in the last 8 years,
  • 4% of collected and sorted secondary raw materials at source itself in the last 8 years,
  • planting 330 new trees and over 5000 shrubs in the last 6 years, including 3,000 square metres of new green spaces and a green roof on top of Shopping Arena 8 in the last year.

Awards and recognition
in sustainable development

  • 2020 Pan-European “People’s Choice” award for excellence, awarded to ABC Hub in the scope of the Central European Start-up Awards (CESA)
  • 2020 Best co-working space in Ljubljana award, awarded to ABC Hub by the Swedish website Riderstore Magazine, placing ABC Hub among the 100 best co-working spaces in Europe
  • 2019 Best co-working space in Slovenia award, awarded to ABC Hub in the scope of the Central European Start-up Awards (CESA)
  • 2018 Digital transformation of the year award for the successful implementation of numerous digital solutions
  • 2018 Gold Quill award for ABC Accelerator’s best partner, BTC – cofounder and supporter of the accelerator from the beginning
  • 2017 the title Honorary citizen of Ljubljana 2017 for the President of the BTC Management Board, Jože Mermal
  • 2017 Gold Quill award for business communication excellence in the category of corporate social responsibility for the project »BTC’s Cycling Story: the Programme of Encouraging Cycling in Slovenia« (the BTC Company in cooperation with Pristop agency)
  • 2017 Platinum donor recognition award, awarded by the Slovenian Science Foundation
  • 2017 Best Slovenian cycling team of the year award, awarded to Slovenian women’s professional team BTC City Ljubljana
  • 2016 19th Slovenia Public Relations Conference: Prism award for the integrated communications program for the project “BTC Cycling Story – Program of promoting cycling in Slovenia” (BTC company in cooperation with the Pristop agency)
  • 2016 18. Days of Energetics: “Energy Efficient Project” award for the system of heating the Atlantis water park using waste industrial heat from the Julon company (BTC company in collaboration with the Aquafil group)
  • 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award in the field of advertising in the Outstanding competition (BTC Company and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi)
  • 2015 Platinum donor award of the Slovenian Scientific Foundation
  • 2014 Award of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce for exceptional achievements in economics and business for 2013
  • 2014 SPORTO Awards: Special award for the BTC City Ljubljana cycling team
  • 2014 Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) gold award for the project “From cycling lanes to the marathon”
  • 2013 InLoCom 2013 for an innovative project at local community level for BTC City and ladies ski jumping
  • 2013 European award for socially responsible business practices in Slovenia, in the large business category for the project “BTC City and ladies ski jumping”
  • 2013 Green Logistics 2013 award for realising environmental protection goals in logistics
  • 2011 Horus Award for the most socially responsible company
  • 2011 JAPTI award for the most innovative business model for Ecoindex
  • 2011 BTC company nominated for European business award for the Ecoindex business model
  • 2010 Environmentally friendly company award

Mission: Contact us.
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Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer

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