The website already offers promotional packages for car sharing. The Avant2go team noted that test users are praising dynamic driving characteristics of electric cars, their ease of use, user-friendly mobile phone app and a flexible price model, which allows each user to optimise costs concerning their mobility and their needs.
The new website offers visitors promotional packages or an educational course prior to using the service. At the course, the Avant2go team will present the basics of electric mobility and the proper use of electric cars.  

The system Avant2go was developed on the basis of sustainable co-existence by the Avantcar Company with the support of the Comtrade Company. In the first year, 50 vehicles in blue colour will be available – BMW i3, Smart ED, and Renault ZOE – which will allow the Slovenian capital to be relieved of the burden of 500 to 1000 vehicles. Most pick-up spots will be located near BTC City Ljubljana, with one of them located also in Technology Park Ljubljana.

Avant2go enables its users the use of vehicles anytime and for different errands during the day. They pay for the use of a vehicle only when they are actually using it. Users will be able to use Avant2go vehicles also outside Ljubljana – the price will depend on the distance travelled and the duration of use. The entire process of mobility will be realised without any harmful emissions and via an app on the mobile phone.