On June 6, BTC City Ljubljana as BITCOIN City was published and presented on one of the world’s premier online media on all things bitcoin related, News.Bitcoin.Com.

Well on its way to become a leading player in the field of smart solutions, in 2018 the BTC company started converting BTC City into a BITCOIN CITY – the first of its kind in the world to provide its visitors, consumers and business partners with an ecosystem that will develop and integrate advanced technologies based on state-of-the-art approaches (blockchain, AI, VR, AR, ML and the world of cryptocurrencies). In April, the first test payment with a cryptocurrency was made through the EliPay payment system, the first feature of Eligma. Eligma is an AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform, co-founder of which is the BTC Company. Future steps will provide BITCOIN City’s visitors not only with an option to pay for the services and products in the BTC City area with selected cryptocurrencies via the EliPay payment system, but also with state-of-the-art ATMs ensuring a bi-directional conversion of cryptocurrencies and euro. Considering BTC City’s numerically strong blockchain and startup community composed not only of companies within the area of BTC City but also of many visitors and enthusiasts who co-create the future with their innovations, BTC City is truly turning into a genuine BITCOIN city.

To read the article on News.Bitcoin.Com: https://news.bitcoin.com/slovenias-shopping-center-btc-city-genuine-bitcoin-city/