At today’s press conference, Lab4Pay presented Elly POS, a modern digital payment platform that enables vendors to accept standard and alternative digital payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, on a single device at the selling point or via an online interface. In addition to receiving payments, it also allows vendors to install a certified cash register, work-hours time tracking systems, loyalty programmes, gift certificate programmes and much more.

Elly POS was created by Lab4Pay in cooperation with Eligma and BTC. It is the first Android POS terminal in Slovenia that is truly user-friendly, as it enables payments in one place with VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and Diners cards, as well as alternative payment methods, e.g., mBills, VALÚ and GoCrypto for cryptocurrency payments. The entire concept is a result of Slovenian knowledge, and all stakeholders believe that it will soon spread abroad, as well.

Miha Culiberg, CEO and co-founder of Lab4Pay, presented the advantages of the Elly POS terminal both for vendors and buyers: “We are proud to present Elly POS, an excellent Slovenian product that will persuade both the employees and the customers. It will enable the employees to use it with ease and significantly save time, and the customers to use payment methods of their choosing – whether this be a payment card, a mobile wallet or a cryptocurrency.”

Mag. Damjan Kralj, CEO at BTC and representative of Lab4Pay’s investor, emphasised: “Through innovative and technologically advanced solutions materialised in concrete actions, at BTC we follow the strategy of connecting and cooperating with start-ups and technologically advanced companies on the one hand and our own business partners on the other.”

Dejan Roljić, CEO of Eligma and representative of Lab4Pay’s investor and GoCrypto payment method, also emphasised that launching Elly POS is a big step forward: “Elly POS enables card payments, mobile payments and digital payments, including payments through the GoCrypto system, all on a single, practical and lightweight portable device, enabling the vendor a high-degree of mobility. In one place, the vendor is given a general overview of payments with all payment methods, while also being able to access individual payment methods, i.e. Mastercard, Visa, mBills and similar, with more detailed settings and statistics on each payment method.”

Danijel Lamperger, CEO of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia that offers its members free use of Elly POS from 24 March 2021 for six months and after this period with a 50% discount, also spoke at the press conference. Many small and medium-sized companies found themselves in quite the predicament during the COVID-19 epidemic, thus the support and help they need are even more important. “By improving the sales process at the selling point itself and by approaching the younger generation of buyers with innovative products such as Elly POS, we help small and medium-sized companies to recover and grow in the future.”

Not only is Elly POS a user- and vendor-friendly, modern POS terminal, but it also provides companies with lower costs, free-of-charge installation and maintenance, while at the same time, it is also the only device that allows advertising revenue, as with its large screen, the terminal is also a digital advertising space that will be offered by the Elly POS platform to Slovenian advertisers, with vendors receiving part of the advertising revenue. By supporting other business systems, e.g., loyalty programmes, gift certificates and work-hours time tracking systems, it also makes for easy digitalisation of business operations with low financial investments by individual vendors. Card payments and alternative payment methods are also provided through the online store, while at the same time the system enables payments without renting a module, performing authorisations and the transfer of financial transactions, as well as a free call centre for support and the preparation and distribution of a daily transactions statement.


Presentation of Elly POS