SiTi Teater BTC is celebrating its 15th anniversary. In a decade and a half, the theatre in BTC City Ljubljana has staged 2,600 events, organised 1,600 tours across Slovenia and abroad, and produced almost 30 of its own theatre productions and co-productions. In their words, it has been 15 years of the magical power of theatre, laughter and good music, top-quality artists and enthusiastic audience. In honour of its anniversary, the theatre is launching its new anniversary 2023/2024 season this autumn with a programme of exclusive events in October and November.

The theatre stage in BTC City Ljubljana turned on its lights in 2000, as the BTC Company wished to offer visitors cultural entertainment in addition to business and shopping, thus contributing to the development of theatre. Back then, the Teater komedija BTC theatre opened its doors and hosted a number of outstanding theatre artists in its first years. After seven years, the theatre was upgraded with a broader programme, and following the renovation of the auditorium in 2008, it was given a brand new look and a new name to mark a fresh start – SiTi Teater BTC.

Over the past 15 years, with the support and trust of the BTC Company, it has witnessed significant development and has become a popular theatre and concert venue. It has hosted the majority of Slovenia’s most recognisable theatre artists and musicians, enchanting the guests with theatre hits Fotr, Star fotr, Tak Si, Mame, Nikoli ni prepozno and many others, and the young generation with the popular children’s programme, as well as all fans of music with a series of concerts SiTi za dobro musko, BigBand@SiTi and 1na1. Since 2020, their outdoor stage SiTi pod zvezdami also comes to life in the summer.

SiTi Teater BTC represents a cultural space for all generations, bringing joy and high spirits and broadening the visitors’ cultural horizons with more than 300 events every year. In the future, it will continue to do so. This year’s anniversary theatre and concert season will begin with a programme of special events in October and November. The first on the schedule will be a webcast of the central anniversary event, featuring many renowned musicians, actors and comedians. This will be followed by anniversary reruns of successful performances, e.g. the 100th rendition of the hit performance Fantovščina, the 400th performance of the musical monocomedy Od tišine do glasbe, as well as premieres like the new stand-up comedy Fejmiči: Sama sta najboljša and the comedy Kar želiš, to dobiš. The musical part of the programme will feature concerts by Tokac and Emanuela, Anja Rupel and the opening of the new season of BigBand@SiTi. On the 15th anniversary, the youngest will have the pleasure of attending the Bobrova skrivnost show for free.

You can read more about the SiTi Teater BTC’s anniversary programme here:


PHOTO: Urška Boljkovac