In the middle of 2004 Hall 12 will witness the opening of the biggest sports centre in Slovenia. It is also one of the largest foreign investments within BTC. The lease contract enabling the start of construction of the ‘Reflex’ sports centre was signed today by representatives of BTC plc and the MPC Group from Serbia and Montenegro, the biggest investor in the project. The investment is worth some SIT 500 million.

Over nearly 5,000 m2, as the biggest sports centre in Slovenia ‘Reflex’ will offer visitors all world famous sports brands. Besides sales, there will be specialised sports departments featuring presentation and promotional activities and a bar open in the evenings for anyone seeking fun. Similar sports centres will also open their doors in Zagreb and Belgrade.

The centre’s programme schedule was prepared by the company Bebe. It involves the integration of sales, sports and entertainment and is based on all the latest retail information available. It differs from any typical sports equipment shop. It is a modern sports shop that offers its visitors not only good shopping but expert presentations of sports equipment, fun and entertainment.

‘This year BTC CITY will have attracted a total of 18 million visitors so far and 2004 will bring many changes. BTC CITY’s strategy is constant growth and, clearly, the building of the sports centre is part of this. This investment is important for both Slovenia and BTC because it is the result of a two-year partnership representing the entry of foreign capital from the former Yugoslav economic space into Slovenia. This proves our strategy has been correct. With the opening of the biggest sports centre in Slovenia, the building of Water City and the completion of other projects prepared in co-operation with other business partners, BTC will become the biggest shopping, entertainment and sports centre in all of Europe’, announced Jože Mermal, President of the Management Board, after the contract was signed.

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