Have you already visited the largest business, shopping and entertainment ceners in Slovenia – BTC City? It is a ‘must see’! Don’t leave Slovenia without a visit.

BTC CITY is a place to go! It houses more than 420 shops. There’s also an open market place , car wash, sports centres, Multiplex Cinema KOLOSEJ, BTC Comedy Theatre etc.

BTC City is located on the east side of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, just 3 kilometers from the old centre of Ljubljana and 400 meters from the city ring road.
From the centre of Ljubljana to BTC City you can take a bus No.17.

BTC is constantly concerned with the well-being its visitors. Among other thing BTC and City Park and with two new garage together offers 7,500 free parking lots, most of which are under electronic surveillance.

The BTC CITY site is the place of diversity. The everyday activities are intertwined with trading, business, sports, recreation and entertainment programmes, touching the lives of individuals interested in different events, exhibitions and sports activities, such as ice-skating, beach volleyball, roller-skating, etc.

AVENUE OF YOUTH the focal gathering point of BTC City with many sports activities and social events in the open!