Press release – illegal drugs 29 November 2004

The successful police drugs raid of 20 November 2004 did not happen in the BTC City area but in the parking lot of the Bauhaus hardware store. The store is not located within the BTC City area as it is situated on the other side of Bratislavska street. In business terms it is also not part of BTC City. We at BTC plc wish to clarify where the raid actually took place since the incorrect location has been stated from the outset. Bauhaus forms no part of the BTC business and shopping centre. When this information was first released we at BTC thought it was a rough description of the location, but unfortunately the media is still informing the general public incorrectly. It is our hope that the name of BTC is no longer mentioned in connection with this event since this information is wrong and misleading.

With regard to this event we would like to state that the BTC company pays a lot of attention to the protection and safety of shopkeepers, visitors and the company’s property, and seeks to achieve this in several ways; through its own security, employing the security company Sintal and by placing video cameras in the whole of the BTC area which monitor the streets, parking lots and the interior of most of the halls. But safety is primarily ensured through the ongoing collaboration of all the BTC company’s managerial staff and the Ljubljana Moste police station. The BTC company’s management annually co-ordinates its security programmes and activities with the management of The Ljubljana Police Administration. Extensive educational seminars are held and are intended to ensure the constant safety of visitors, employees and shopkeepers. This collaboration has led to improved security measures around Kolisej which attracts younger people, mainly in the evenings and at nights.

Fortunately there have not been any major incidents or offences in the BTC City area and we at BTC will do our best to keep it so. BTC plc will continue with these precautions in the hope that our good work will provide a higher level of safety and overall satisfaction of all our visitors, employees and other partners.

BTC plc Management
Ljubljana, 29 November 2004