From Monday, 3 September onwards, visitors to BTC CITY will be met by a new addition – a free CITY BUS, which will make travelling within BTC CITY easier. The CITY BUS will run on a circular route with 8 stops within BTC CITY and will be operated by drivers able to point the visitors towards desired locations.

“The primary motive behind the introduction of the free CITY BUS is to make travelling within BTC CITY easier for the visitors. From now on, the visitors will be able to, for instance, park their car at the Atlantis garage and take the CITY BUS to do their shopping. Thus, they will be able to avoid the rush and the nuisance of trying to find a place to park,” says Maja Oven, Director of the Sector for Marketing Communications at BTC, of the reasons for introducing the CITY BUS.

The CITY BUS will run on a circular route and stop at the following stops within the area of BTC CITY: Atlantis, Kolosej, Baby Center, Aleja mladih (Alley of the Young), Stolpnica (High-rise), Dvorana A (Hall A), Tržnica (Market) and Emporium. Visitors will be able to board or exit the bus at any official stop, and the ride will be free of charge. The CITY BUS will run from Monday to Friday from 12:00 am to 8:30 pm, and from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm on Saturdays.

BTC CITY annually receives 20 million visitors from Slovenia and abroad. The CITY BUS represents an important addition to BTC City in terms of regulating traffic and traffic connections and unburdening the traffic both within and outside of BTC City. Already in December 2005, BTC had introduced, in cooperation with Slovenian Railways, a railway connection with the Ljubljana city centre – a train running between the Ljubljana railway station and BTC City three times a day, with future plans to include trains running several times a day from other Slovenian cities. By introducing the CITY BUS and bus stops, BTC started regulating roads within the BTC City with emphasis on Shopping Street and Emporium, currently undergoing intense renovation of the lower floor and planned to reopen with a new image in October. In addition, a new exhibition room of luxury ceramics and light fixtures is being built on the space of several thousand square meters in the northern part of Hall 8, and Baby Center and Giga Sport, in front of which BTC positioned the stops of the CITY BUS, have also received a makeover.

Additional information: BTC PLC, Maja Oven, Director of the Sector for Marketing Communications; Tel.: 01 585 13 15, E-mail: