On Friday, 11 April, an open minigolf course – City Golf – will be opened next to the footpath between Zara, Emporium, Sports Centre Millennium and Atlantis. City Golf is a new sports and recreational asset of BTC CITY to be enjoyed by all visitors. The opening of City Golf will mark the beginning of the traditional tennis legends’ tournament taking place in Sports Centre Millennium on Friday, 11 April.

During the promotion period, minigolf will be free. It will be possible to play City Golf every weekday between 7 am and 11 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays between 8 am and 11 pm.

City Golf has a 9-hole course, and it is designed so that the player is faced with an obstacle at each hole. Visitors can borrow clubs and balls at the reception of Sports Centre Millennium.

Minigolf is a popular free time activity for all generations. The aim of the game is to put the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible, and eight strokes per hole are allowed. Each stroke counts as one point and ten penalty points are given if the ball has not been put in the hole after eight strokes. The player with the lowest total of points at the end wins.

BTC City Ljubljana is the biggest business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural centre in Slovenia and one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. As part of its sports and recreational offering, visitors can enjoy numerous activities in every season – tennis, badminton, bowling, fitness, indoor carting, swimming, wellness and a multitude of other sports and events.

For further information contact: BTC d.d., Maja Oven, Director of Market Communications and Public Relations, tel.: 01 585 13 15, e-email: maja.oven@btc.si