BTC d.d. Supervisory Board adopted the company’s Annual Report for 2008. Deriving from the report, the company’s business operations in the preceding year were sound and successful as income from services increased by 13 per cent and net income increased from 6,010,677 EUR in 2007 to 9,596,759 EUR in 2008. The company’s dynamic business operations were provoked, inter alia, by activated investments in the amount of 7.6 million EUR intended for new complimentary perfections regarding the programme and content of city centres in Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Murska Sobota, as well as development of logistics. On the basis of these results, Management Board and Supervisory Board found business operations of the company in the preceding year to be exceptionally good and they will propose payment of dividends to the Assembly in the same amount as in the previous year, that is in the amount of 9.30 EUR gross per share. The company has a stable cash flow and is financially sound due to secured long-term financial resources. Upon adoption of the revised Annual report, Supervisory Board, based on the required expert and independent expertise on regularity of accounting record-taking of business transactions in connection with withdrawal of own shares, also adopted the decision on formation of additional equity resources in the form of capital and legal reserves. Thus, the company has fully complied with the decision of the High Court of Ljubljana, which ruled on reduction of the company’s stock from 2001. In 2008, the decision of the Court was also entered into the court register. With allocation of 32.5 million EUR from other reserves from income to capital and legal reserves, the structure of bound capital is increasing and improving, which consequently provides firmer financial stability for the company.

Supervisory Board considered Management Board’s report from the current term of office as well as medium-term strategic and programme development of the company until 2014. It is understood from the report on performance of Management Board so far that mixed domestic and foreign investments in the company’s programmes in the amount of 150 million EUR were carried out during the 5-year term, and this includes 55 million EUR directly financed by the company while it increased the number of employees by 20 %. During the term, net income increased from 35 million EUR to 51 million EUR; the number of visitors of the city centre in Ljubljana increased from 18 to 21 million annually; the company implemented ISO 14001 environmental standards; Atlantis welcomed the one millionth visitor: the company became market leader in logistics and received the award ËťLogistics Person of the Year 2008 in the Republic of SloveniaËť,… Supervisory Board adopted the programme of medium-term strategic and programme development of the company until 2014 and appointed Management Board for the next five-year term: Jože Mermal, Chairman; Helena Petrin, Secretary-General; Marko Žehelj, Technical Director, and Andrej Repina, Financial Director.

The company finds itself in a new development cycle and on Friday, 15 May 2009, the foundation stone for construction of a new business skyscraper with the surface of 46,000 m2 called The Crystal Palace will be ceremoniously laid, while at the same time the contract with the bank on provision of long-term financial resources for the investment in the amount of 54 million EUR will be signed.

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