At the assembly meeting of shareholders of the Blagovno trgovinski center d.d. company on February 12, the following decisions were adopted:

Appointment of new members of the Supervisory Board representing the interests of the shareholders. With a 96 % majority, the assembly elected members of the Supervisory Board representing the interests of the shareholders for the next four-year term beginning on February 28, 2010:

1. Vincencij Kocjančič and

2. Janez Povše.

VINCENCIJ KOCJANČIČ, economist, retired, employed at BTC from 1967 until 2005 as the director of the business unit in Novo mesto and Ljubljana, also acted as chairman of the company’s Executive Committee; his main area of expertise and knowledge of the company lay in marketing. During the time of most intense restructuring of operations, he managed the largest BTC business unit in Ljubljana for ten years with extreme success.

POVŠE JANEZ, earned a university degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science, Faculty of Economics – Master studies in Management and Organization, course in General Management, employed at BTC from 2001 at the position of the Associate Director of the Ljubljana business unit for investments and technological development, previously acted as the Deputy Head of the sector for technology and development. The main area of expertise of Janez Povše lies in managing strategic projects of cost-efficient and rational use of energy products and ensuring high environmental standards and technological excellence of key infrastructure and other systems at the BTC company.

Adopting the amendments to the company’s statute.

With a 96 % majority, the assembly adopted the proposed amendments to the company’s statute, which mostly concern the adjustments to the amendments to the ZGD – 1C (Act amending the Company Act).

Sale of company’s own shares.

With a 96 % majority, the assembly adopted the decision on selling 5,000 own, regular shares of the company, bearing the label BTC – the shares are intended for rewarding the employees and may be offered for purchase to all company employees with permanent employment contracts, except to the chairman and members of the company’s Management Board.

Rewarding employees (the chairman and members of the Management Board are explicitly excluded) with BTC shares represents a motivational measure and additional encouragement for efficient and high-quality work of all employees, and indirectly for better results and future successful and stable operation of the company; employee ownership and good company results are closely interrelated with the aim of achieving a more dynamic co-management of the company on the basis of employee co-ownership.

At the BTC company, the employee ownership has been present for almost 20 years. Long term ownership connections between those creating and working at the company represent one of the bases for development achieved in this period, since during the entire period, the employees and management acted in collective spirit and pursued the goals of long-term investments, stable ownership, correct interpersonal relationships and ensuring the financial and social security, with the awareness that those will be ensured only by efficient work and successful operation of the company.

Maja Oven

Director of the Sector for Marketing Communications and Public Relations, BTC