At today’s assembly meeting of joint-stock company BTC d.d., in which shareholders took part whose stock share represents 95% of the entire stock, a revised annual report of the company for the fiscal year 2009 was presented. It can be concluded that the company conducted business successfully, since it created an income of 51.8 million Euros, while the company’s profit amounts to 6.2 million Euros, which is 23% more than in 2008, excepting the effect of the extraordinary events in the year 2008. All the proposed decisions of the Assembly were unanimously accepted by the shareholders.

Accepted decisions

The distributable profit, as of 31 December 2009, of EUR 15,336,389.51 shall be allocated as follows:

  • Shareholders shall receive dividends in the sum of EUR 9.57 gross per share, which amounts to EUR 2,152,522.68. No dividend is paid for own shares.
  • A distributable profit in the sum of EUR 10,000,000.00 shall be distributed into other reserves from the profit.
  •  Earnings in the sum of EUR 3,183,866.86 shall remain undistributed. The implementation of these retained earnings shall be discussed in the following fiscal years.

Dividends shall be paid until 30 June 2010 at the latest.

The board of management and the supervisory board shall receive a discharge, which acknowledges the good work of these company structures in the year 2009.
The Assembly also accepted alterations and supplements to the company statute aiming to supplement the activities of the company with a view to running a solar power plant. The company has already started to construct a solar power plant with a capacity of 900 kWp and a projected yearly production of 1 million kWh. One of the major solar power plants in Slovenia will be located on the roofs of two buildings of BTC Logistics Centre near Letališka cesta in Ljubljana, extending over an area of 13,000 square metres. The investment is worth 2.2 million Euros. With help of the solar power plant, the burden on the environment will be loosened by about 630 tons of carbon dioxide, which means that an important step will be taken to reach the goals set by BTC within the scope of the Ecoindex project, introduced to lessen negative effects on the environment. In addition, BTC is building the Crystal Palace, set to be erected by spring 2011, according to the principles of energy efficiency. It will host a solar power plant with a capacity of 100 kWp. In 2009, the company also invested 2.3 million Euros into various programmatic novelties in its business and shopping centres in Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Murska Sobota, as well as the Logistics Centre.

The Assembly has yet again confirmed the contract concerning employee profit participation for the fiscal year 2010.  In addition, the company will begin to execute the Assembly decision on the sale of BTC shares to reward employees, which is a broader motivational action and offers additional encouragement for quality work of all employees. Indirectly, it promises better results in future and a continuous successful and stable operation of the company, because employee ownership and good company results are in a tight correlation with aiming towards a more dynamic co-management of the company based on shared ownership of the employees.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations