From Sunday, 29th August till Tuesday, 31st August, the annual Musical nights will take place for a fifth year in a row in front of the Atlantis Water City in BTC City Ljubljana. The musical nights will extend over three days, in which visitors will be able to listen to the musical monocomedy “Od tišine do glasbe” (From Silence to Music), to the most beautiful melodies from operas, operettes and musicals as well as to the musical ensemble Gal Gjurin in Galeristi. The entrance is free, with the performances starting each evening at 8:30pm.

Musical nights will start on Sunday, 29th August, when visitors will be offered an insight into the magical history of music through musical monocomedy From Silence to Music, presented by the actor and pianist, Jure Ivanušič. The most successful Slovene musical monocomedy has, with more than 140 repetitions, enraptured over 30.000 visitors. Jure Ivanušič has taken visitors on his journey through the history of music, from its beginnings in pre-history, through classical music, jazz, chanson and rock’n’roll to the contemporary popular music. 

On Monday, 30th August, Ana Marija Javornik Zupanc will be accompanied by some established musical artists (Franc Javornik – bass baritone, Andrej Debevec – tenor, Igor Švara – piano) throughout the evening of the most beautiful melodies from operas and musicals.

On the last evening of the event, on Tuesday, 31st August, you are invited to a romantic summer evening with the musical ensemble Gal Gjurin in Galeristi, which will lead you on a musical journey of the singer’s – Gal’s musical opus over the past years, entailing some of his evergreens, performed by his former group, Olivija, the music from the controversial album “Fetiš”, including music from his latest album, entitled “Srce”.

Musical nights under the stars in front of the Atlantis Water City are free for all visitors of BTC City Ljubljana.

Sponsors of Musical nights are Pilot, Vinakras and Pekarna Pečjak.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations