On Saturday, 2nd October, from 9am to 2pm BTC City Market in Ljubljana will be full of representatives from eco-farms and eco-shops. October 2nd will be dedicated to healthy foods and to representations of eco-products, with the “mushroom society” Gobarsko društvo Ribnica displaying a big exhibition of mushrooms. Visitors will be able to try several eco-products, while members of the folklore group Emona from Ljubljana will be entertaining them with their singing and dancing.

Eco-products and eco-farming are becoming important activities, as nutritional habits and the lifestyle of people are changing greatly, with eco- and bio-products gaining in value. All these products of healthy diets will be on display at the stalls of BTC City market on Saturday, 2nd October, from 9am to 2pm.

Many eco-shops and eco-farms from all over Slovenia will put their products on display in BTC City, while visitors will be able to taste and see their eco-products, which include meat products, olives, citrus fruits, as well as products of integrated foods, and also products such as honey, flour, bread, vegetables, dry-meat foods, etc. The entertainment will be in the hands of the folklore group with its dancing and singing. 

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of Marketing and Public Relations