At yesterday’s festive proclamation of awards, BTC Company received the award for social responsibility Horus 2011 in the category of big companies. The Horus award, which is awarded for wholesome approaches towards social responsibility, is part of the national strategy of raising awareness for greater social responsibility and is awarded by the Institute for the development of social responsibility and the Slovenian Society for public relations. The honorary patron of the award is the president of the Republic of Slovenia, Danilo Türk PhD.

BTC Company considers the strategies of social responsibility and sustainable development constituent parts of the company’s business plan every year. In the scope of this strategy, BTC Company has also developed its own innovative model for the evaluation of sustainable development called ecoindex. BTC Company uses ecoindex to evaluate the activities with which a society reduces the negative and increases the positive effects on the environment and society in general.

On behalf of BTC Company, the Horus 2011 award was accepted by Helena Petrin, the general secretary of BTC Company and its board member, who on accepting the award said that sustainable development represented a big goal of BTC Company. Social responsibility is a mirror of the company’s attitude towards the environment and the entire society. The company’s goal is to reach transparent management, so that society in general may acknowledge its efforts and activities aimed towards reaching a greater social responsibility and responsibility towards the environment. For this reason, the company developed the ecoindex system and regularly makes all its activities public via the special eco-portal The general secretary was happy to hear that the expert public acknowledged the company’s efforts to engage in eco-environmentally friendly activities.