In 2012, BTC Company renewed the individual sponsorship contracts with all the best Slovenian gymnasts whom it already sponsored in 2011. In addition to twelve athletes who got their contracts renewed, BTC also decided to proffer a sponsorship to the gymnast Saša Golob, the only Slovenian representative to have secured herself a spot at the forthcoming Olympics in London. In the name of BTC, the individual sponsorship contracts with the gymnasts were signed by Jože Mermal, the president of BTC Management Board.

This year, BTC Company will sponsor 13 members of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation, namely

  • Mitja Petkovšek,
  • Aljaž Pegan,
  • Sašo Bertoncelj,
  • Alen Dimic,
  • Rok Klavora,
  • Žiga Šilc,
  • Žiga Britovšek,
  • Gregor Saksida,
  • Adela Šajn,
  • Tjaša Šeme,
  • Saša Golob,
  • Jožef Mešl (Aljaž Pegan’s personal trainer) and
  • dr. Edvard Kolar (Mitja Petkovšek’s personal trainer).

Thus BTC continues its very successful partnership with the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation and the Slovenian gymnasts.

Jože Mermal, the president of BTC Management Board, accompanied the occasion by saying that »gymnastics is a sport that continues to inspire sport enthusiasts all over Slovenia. Slovenian athletes keep spoiling us with medals won at the most important competitions and it is right that we should help them on their path as best as we can«.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector