BTC City Ljubljana opened the first Centre for energy solutions where five partners decided to work together in an integrated consulting partnership for energy solutions for households and companies.

Jelovica, Petrol, Nord, Knauf Insulation and Green energies now all in one place – the Centre for energy solutions offers complementary products and services for a comprehensive approach towards reducing the energy ineffectiveness.

More progressive, ecologic and energy saving solutions are a part of our lives. The current economic situation forces the users to optimize the use of energy. Thus they are searching for solutions to reduce expenses of heating and electricity, also with the help of energy renovations of the outer parts of buildings, choosing optimal technology in gaining energy for heating, and in choosing energy sources.

Centre for energy solutions (CER) was founded as a response to the demanding economic and social circumstances that force us to save up and use natural sources more responsibly. Energy conservation, healthy and comfortable living, taking care of the environment and quality turnkey offer were the basis for founding the first such centre in Slovenia where the companies Jelovica, Petrol, Nord, Knauf Insulations and Green energies all in one place offer complementary products and services for a comprehensive approach towards reducing energy ineffectiveness.

When one decides for a renovation in the field of energy (sources), a lot of questions and dilemmas occur. Consequently an individual needs a complete solution to carry out the project with optimal results that can be found right in the new centre. The main advantage of CER is that it offers comprehensive products and services of the best quality, and personalized solutions for each customer, all in one place.

Visitors to the new centre can find professional advice for the optimal choice of energy sources, heating and cooling systems, energy saving windows and front doors, wooden energy saving houses, isolation facades, kitchens and bathrooms, all in an area covering almost 1200 m2. In short, you may find innovative solutions for reducing energy ineffectiveness of a house, an apartment or a business building.

The mutual goal of the Centre for energy solutions is to exist also as an educational and consultant centre for energy effectiveness during construction, where there will be professional meetings, consulting for individual energy efficient concepts, introducing new technologies and progressive solutions.

»Jelovica, which produces energy saving wooden objects, windows and doors, is a green company responsible for our customers and environment. We believe that with our professional consulting, we will help the visitors of CER find optimal solutions for energy renovations as well as modern buildings which will reduce the heating expenses and reach a perfect living atmosphere in all rooms«, said the president of the Management Board Jelovica, d.d., Gregor Benčina, at the opening of the new centre. »We are also happy to have impressed the management of the BTC company with our idea of the Centre for energy solutions in Slovenia and thus successfully realised the project with such important partners as Petrol, Knauf Insulation and others. Together we truly offer effective energy solutions for our clients all in one place.«

Rok Vodnik M.Sc., member of the board of the Petrol company, said at the opening of CER, »At Petrol we boast ourselves with a great range of successful energy projects and effective use of energy projects. Petrol also offers all energy at one place today. With our knowledge we can help our customers improve the comfort of their lives, make the environment cleaner and at the same time save a lot at energy expenses. The Centre for energy solutions will advise every individual who comes to our office about the effective use of energy. «

 »When we decided to take part in CER, we met successful partners with whom we can develop our cooperation and performance in regional markets in a unique way. We share our enthusiasm and wish to preserve the environment with our partner companies, since even Nord Produkt in its production 100% recycles leftovers from the technological process. This is why we chose materials for our products which do not endanger the environment during production. Our green technology reassures the savings of heat as well as water«, said the owner and the director of Nord Produkt from Croatia, Stanko Birin, at the opening.

The main director of Knauf Insulation, dr. Saša Bavec commented at the opening of the centre, »Our decision to join the companies that offer energy solutions also in BTC, primarily dictates our strategic commitment to sustainable management.  The second reason would be our current condition in the Slovene economy, especially in the field of construction. The fact is that almost 40% of energy in Slovenia is used for buildings, half of it because of the inefficient use of energy. Research show that Slovene’s Apartment Fond in 80% needs energy renovation. With its presence on the frequent location of the Centre for energy solutions we wish to alert people about the meaning of energy effectiveness due to smaller expenses and also because of the continual view over the use of energy sources and cleaner environment. We wish to present the visitors with solutions that would save the situation effectively, permanently and in long-term. «

 »At Green energies we offer the complete turnkey services in the area of living space heating, cooling, ventilation and control systems. We are very much active also in the area of renewable sources, and we wanted to get as close as possible to our end buyers with a complete range of services and thus provide them with a high level of professional consulting and responsiveness. Our partners at CER are leading companies in their fields of profession with which we are trying to create complementary solutions for the entire living spectrum. In our opinion CER is going to set up new standards in this part of the market«, said the director of sales at Green energy, Zef Vučaj, at CER’s opening.

Centre for energy solutions

  • Location: BTC City Ljubljana – Hall 2

Working hours

  • Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 20.00
  • Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00
  • Sunday and holidays: closed