The BTC initiative educational programme BTC Campus, which helps young unemployed people find job opportunities, was launched today. The programme helps young people acquire certain additional knowledge, instructions and directions which can lead to new employment opportunities or an independent business career.

The BTC Company has invited the Employment office of Slovenia to be a part of the programme by choosing the first group of 30 participants to take part in the BTC Campus programme.

The programme, including different specific knowledge, skills and ways of thinking, used directly in personal and business life, will be conducted by a professional team from the Business Excellence Centre (Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana). The work will extend throughout the next three months and will consist of 12 programme modules.

The BTC Campus is yet another specific initiative for realizing the strategy in the area of social responsibility. Together with the Business Excellence Centre (Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana) the BTC Company, with its own and external consultants as well as business partners, will help young people find employment or plan independent business careers. They are also planning positively and usefully oriented programmes, not only for the BTC City companies and business partners, but also for those in need of some support today, so that they can actively help with the mutual development tomorrow.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, director of the Marketing communications and Public relations sector