The BTC Company has for the fifth consecutive year been running a project called “BTC with a vision”, the main purpose of which is to encourage innovativeness of the employees when coming up with new business concepts and projects for the development of the company and the wider social area with the actively present BTC Company. This project is the foundation of the BTC’s innovative infrastructure which is based on key strategic standpoints of the company. Every year the BTC organises the Innovativeness day, an event for the employees where the most innovative suggestions and projects are rewarded.

BTC collects prosperous ideas and projects within the “BTC with a vision” project. Ideas with vision present an opportunity for the employees on all levels to be rewarded for their (simple) suggestions that in any way contribute to company’s business, whereas more complex projects with vision call for three different elements: cooperation of at least three different sectors, the influence on sustainable development of the company and the long-term duration of the project. During the period of 5 years the employees have come up with a total of 158 suggestions, 42 of which have been rewarded, and 22 wholesome projects with 13 receiving rewards. All the projects and suggestions are evaluated by a five-member committee consisting of four BTC employees and an external expert.

“The economy and the market situation force every company to constantly re-evaluate its further development and opportunities, where innovative ideas play a key role. The BTC decided five years ago that all our employees will be involved in this process, since we believe that a company’s development shouldn’t be based on the management sector and a few individuals alone. This is why “BTC with a vision” has come to life, the main idea rising from the fact that not only productivity and quality result, but also assuring the added value through innovativeness play an important role for the company’s growth. On this level the employees are encouraged to work with each other, think about the company and come up with innovative suggestions with co-workers from other sectors. Every year the best ideas and projects are rewarded and incorporated into the company’s business. Incorporating the employees in such manner proved to be very efficient, since the suggestions we have been getting are becoming better and more useful to our company and our social responsibility every year,” said Jože Mermal, the President of the BTC Management Board. Among awarded projects for the year 2012 there is also the project Mission: Green which BTC has started in August of last year. 
The company has benefited from the “BTC with a vision” project in several areas: financial (income increase, compensation of payment loss, cost management and reduction, return on investment), non-financial (brand reputation and recognisability increase) and also on the level of employees (efficient introduction of project management, high level of transparency, stimulating rewards, higher level of employees’ motivation for further company development, higher level of connecting participants, etc.).

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Maja Oven, director of Market communication and Public relations sector