With its array of natural products, which have won several internationally acknowledged certificates, the eco shop Zelena trgovina is hosting a “Green gathering with a purpose” on 12th October in BTC City Ljubljana. The event will include several presentations and workshops, emphasizing responsible actions of individuals towards nature, animals, society and personal health. In addition to useful lectures there will be a free First Aid workshop under the supervision of the Red Cross taking place at the event as well. Visitors will enjoy the presentations of companies and individuals whose products and business approach make the world a better place. 

Celebrating the shop’s first year anniversary the organisers of the “Green gathering with a purpose” will be preparing more than 15 educational presentations and workshops that will certainly be useful and perhaps even save a life someday. Visitors will be able to meet with the manufacturers and importers of different quality products of companies that all have one thing in common – a responsible attitude towards the environment and society. The event will be held between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. at two locations in BTC City; in the eco shop Zelena trgovina (Hall A basement) and at the square Trg mladih.

Besides lectures given by the manufacturers, there will be a special presentation on healthy diet with various organisations presenting their activities at the event. A special “First Aid” workshop will be organised by the Red Cross, challenging the guests to test their skills and knowledge when administering first aid to an injured person. Guests will have the chance of adopting an abandoned pet, either small or big, which will be brought to the event by the representatives of the Lajka society, which promotes better living conditions for abandoned and neglected animals. The youngest will surely enjoy the show Putka Zdravka in Zajček Sladko (“Ms Chick Healthy and Mr Bunny Sweets”).

The event will be a perfect opportunity to present the first Slovene Eco club which connects business partners from different ecologically oriented areas. Members of the Eco club will be granted discounts when purchasing products. Each guest will be given the opportunity to join the club as well as any of the practical workshops and try out products of our business partners, such as Planet Bio, Lily Lolo Slovenija, Zao, Farfalla, Amalu, BeeZee EcoKid, Yanumi, Nature’s Design, Trgovina Jablana shop, Soria Natural, Fair trade 3muhe, Gnezdo and others.

Additional information about the event is available on the shop’s website www.btc-City.com.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector