On 25th September 2013, the BTC Logistics centre received the award “Green logistics 2013” at the international logistics congress. The award for implementing aims pertaining to environment protection in the field of logistics is conferred by the Slovenian logistics association and Planet GV. The award recognizes companies whose logistics operations care for the environment best and implement aims striving towards environment protection.

BTC has earned the award due to the company constantly seeking added value in logistics, encouraging dynamic processes, continual changes and innovation. Playing an important role in this endeavour was the system of ISO standards 9001 and 14001, introduced years back with the aim to control the quality of services and improve efficiency. The Logistics centre has also acquired the certificate for storing and distributing ecological products conferred by Bureau Veritas, a company authorized to test, inspect and certify in the fields of quality control, health safety and the environment.

Upon receiving the award, Janko Pirkovič, director of the Logistics centre and recipient of the 2008 Logistics expert of the year award, stated that the award testifies to the fact that, in line with the company’s striving towards sustainable development, logistics has also been increasingly dealing with ecological challenges. “The purpose of the company is not only to halve energy consumption but also to erect a system which perpetually decreases the consumption of energy resources, reduces emissions and strengthens other elements of sustainable development. At the same time it encourages business partners to act in accordance with sustainable development, especially in the rational use of energy resources,” said Pirkovič.

In the past years, BTC Logistics has acquired the energy ISO standard 50001, and is also included in the so-called ecoindex system of BTC, based on the project “green logistics”. In addition, certain activities or areas of logistics have been delineated which the company monitors regularly with the purpose of diminishing the negative impacts on the environment and using energy more rationally. The company also prides itself on its excellent IT support network and the related optimization of transporting goods – due to fewer rides and other logistics operations, the consumption of energy resources decreases as well.

Other prominent achievements include the construction of a solar power plant in 2011 on the roofs of two buildings of the Logistics centre. In 2012, modern LED technology replaced the former lighting in all storehouses and business buildings, as well as in the outdoor logistics area, thereby reducing electricity consumption by 16% and CO2 emission by 140 tons.

The BTC Logistics centre employs 54% of all the company’s personnel and will continue to offer employment to more people until the end of the year due to the rise of demand in logistics – 30 more job spots are to be filled this year, and 40 more next year, when the company plans to extend its logistics to additional locations. There are also plans by Slovenian Railways and BTC to found a combined company to build the Intermodal logistics terminal Ljubljana. On a combined area of 50 ha and two combined infrastructure platforms they plan to build one of the strongest inland terminals in Southeast Europe.

The BTC Logistics centre has its own eco station and a press to dispose of waste materials. The company’s employees have also hugely contributed to the accomplishments in the field of sustainable development – with their innovative projects and ideas, which have been implemented as concrete optimizations of the system, they add to the rationalization and modernization of the company’s operations.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector