Sobivanje – Society for sustainable development has, together with the BTC Company, set up the contest “Encourage Friendship”, which is part of the broader programme “The School of coexisting” (Šola sobivanja) and which combines projects from different fields of sustainable development and encourages primary schools and kindergartens to take part in the contest. The importance of relations is only one of the programme’s topics, which strives for a fairer society and a better quality of life.

On April 16th the lower floor of the Emporium Hall in BTC City Ljubljana hosted the opening of the exhibition of works in the scope of the contest “Encourage Friendship”. Its goal was to encourage children to think positively about friendship and being kind to their peers. More than 1100 children from 59 Slovene kindergartens and primary schools took part in the contest. Altogether they sent in 79 works, which will be on display until May 10th.

At the event, which was intended for all the contest participants, the organisers from the Society for sustainable development Sobivanje presented the participants with certificates of their participation and special awards.

The contest was based on two separate categories – for kindergartens and for primary schools. The winners were presented with attractive awards – all-day tickets to the Atlantis Water Park or a selection of toys.

The winners among primary schools: 

  • 1st place OŠ Kungota – Podružnična šola Svečina,
  • 2nd place OŠ Bistrica – Podružnična šola Kovor,
  • 3rd place OŠ Bršlin.

The winners among kindergartens: 

  • 1st place Vrtec Mornarček from Piran
  • 2nd place Vrtec Miškolin (unit Želvice – Ljubljana Polje),
  • 3rd place Vrtec Otona Župančiča (group Muce, unit Loka, Črnomelj).

Top friends: 

  • 1st place Tinka and Manca from primary school OŠ Vodmat,
  • 2nd place Neja from primary school OŠ Voličina,
  • 3rd place Nika from primary school OŠ Frana Roša.

The best among the youngest:

  • 1st place unit of the kindergarten Vrtec Črnuče (group Pikapolonica, unit Ostržek),
  • 2nd place Adam Šibelja Gorše from the kindergarten Vrtec Najdihojca,
  • 3rd place Gaja from the kindergarten Vrtec Miškolin.

Upon the closing event of the contest Nada Pavšer, president of the Society for sustainable development Sobivanje, said: “We are more than happy with the organisation and the realisation of the contest, since this year’s event even surpassed last year’s. We are proud to see this contest raising awareness about the importance of family and friends and being kind and thoughtful towards people we love.” 

Upon its 60th anniversary, the BTC Company, which has been supporting socially responsible projects of young artists, sponsored the exhibition of works with the motto “For future generations”.

Additional information

Maja Oven, Director of Market Communications and Public Relations Sector