On 3rd June the Crystal Palace in Ljubljana hosted the festive
signing of BTC’s subscription to a long-term loan in the amount of 16
million Euros, granted by the NLB Bank. In the spirit of the ceremony,
Jože Mermal, president of the BTC Management board, and Janko Medja,
president of the NLB Management board, emphasized the meaning of
strengthening mutual operations, especially due to numerous joint
business partners; there are over 3,000 small and mid-size companies
active in the areas of BTC City Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Murska Sobota.
In addition to the loan contract, both companies have signed an
Agreement to uphold the vision of sustainable development.

 “Today’s signing of the contract represents a fresh impetus in BTC
Company’s endeavours of following the vision of open dialogue society
and of creating conditions for the development of new business
opportunities as the two main directions in our 2020 Developmental
Strategy”, announced Jože Mermal, president of the BTC Management board,
upon signing the contract, and added: “Reliable financial partners are
the pillars of successfully realising our ambitious strategy. We are
glad our plans and their future potential for success have impressed the
NLB bank.”

Upon signing the loan contract, Janko Medja, president of the NLB Management board,
said: “Swiftly returning to the loan market in the last year, the NLB
is actively looking to realise new approaches of co-operation with
business partners. After almost nine years of co-operative activities,
we have realised yet another loan that will help the company reach set
goals and ensure steady business in the future. The NLB bank is an
attentive financial partner of the most vital part of Slovenian economy
with special support in managing business and developing business
opportunities going to the segment of small and mid-size companies that
are the driving force of Slovenian economy. A significant number of
these companies are active within the BTC area, which is, the same as
NLB, a partner in great business systems and an incubator of small,
family companies.”

After signing the contract, Jože Mermal and Janko Medja expressed
their gratitude to everyone present and stated that by approving the
loan and supporting constructive co-operation the bank has shown that it
successfully supports Slovenian economy.  
On top of signing the
loan contract, the BTC Company and the NLB bank signed an Agreement to
uphold the vision of sustainable development. Through co-operative
activities both companies will strive towards encouraging the
development of entrepreneurship, creating a more advanced business
environment in Slovenia, developing innovative activities and exploring
employment opportunities for young people. The mutual activities will
focus on four key projects. Both companies will encourage innovative
business ideas in the scope of the NLB Innovative Entrepreneurship
Centre and will improve career opportunities for young people under the
patronage of the BTC Campus. In addition, a substantial part of focus
will be aimed at the support of start-up companies which are a part of
the innovative environment of the ABC Accelerator. The upgrade of the
accelerator is the project BTC Hub and the idea of providing start-up
companies with facilities within the same location which contributes to
the intertwining of fresh concepts and development.

Based on this Agreement the BTC Company and the NLB bank will
organise mutual activities in the spirit of their responsibility towards
a wider society and integration in local and wider social environment.
Through co-operation both companies will strive to reach a greater
economic, social and environmental level of prosperity, keeping in mind
equal opportunities for future generations.


Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communications and Public Relations Sector