The shareholders confirmed the division of profit in the amount of
EUR 13,297,732.21. The shareholders are to be paid out dividends in the
gross amount of EUR 9.60 per share, which altogether amounts to EUR
2,156,851.20. The profit amount of EUR 11,140,881.01 will remain
undistributed, while its distribution will be decided upon in the coming
business years. Dividends are due to be paid out on 30 June 2015.

The assembly granted discharge to the company’s Management board and
Supervisory board for their positive work in 2014, whereby the good work
of both the company’s boards in the past year was acknowledged.

The assembly named Ernst&Young as the company’s auditor for the business year 2015.

The proposed changes and amendments to the company’s statute were accepted.
was a positive year for the company’s business operations. The income
amounted to EUR 59,200,231.00, which is 4% more than in 2013, while the
net profit of the company was EUR 5,309,449.00. The company is
financially stable, since all its past investments are financed by
long-term credits, with the company also being diligent regarding its
obligations towards the banks. The company has made investments in the
amount of 5 million Euros towards the renovation of business areas with
new programme content, the optimisation of energy consumption, as well
as ecologic and logistics equipment. The full occupancy of the Crystal
Palace, a new logistics programme, the new management of business areas
owned by business partners, and a new commercial programme, attractive
for consumers, contributed greatly to the success of the company.
2014, the BTC Company started actively implementing the strategy of the
company’s development till 2020, the goal of which is to provide the
necessary conditions for new business opportunities. By encouraging
creativity, innovativeness and dynamism across all four business pillars
– i.e. BTC Cities, Logistics centre, Integrated management of business
areas, Mission: Green – the company shows that its strategy is
implemented with an eye to the company’s future development and growth
as well as towards co-creating broader social values and sustainable

In 2014, the activities of the BTC Company on numerous occasions
touched the lives of people and had a positive effect on the broader
social community and the environment. In the scope of the Mission: Green
project, the BTC Company acted responsibly across seven key fields:
Ecoindex, Economical management of water, Energy efficiency, Green
transport, Waste to raw materials processing, Safety for all, and
Socially responsible. The BTC Company also produced 1,618,862 kWh of
green energy from renewable sources, which equals the average yearly
energy consumption of 430 households.

Last year, the company increased its employment by 12% and at the
same time helped young people acquire their first employment in the
scope of the BTC Campus project, with the help of which they were able
to seek out their own entrepreneurial activity or employment in
cooperation with the Employment Service of Slovenia and the Centre of
Business Excellence of the Faculty of Economics at the University of


Additional Information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communication and Public Relations Sector