Under the professional guidance of four personal trainers,
the participants in the challenge jointly lost 52.1 kg and lowered the
assessed metabolic age by no less than 72 years. The photo op of all the
participants after finishing the programme was followed by a healthy
lunch in Atlantis Water Park.

Beginning in March and training 4- to 5-times a week in Sports Centre
Millenium and the Fitness Clinic of the Professional Health Centre in
Atlantis Water Park, candidates participating in the Millenium Athlete
Challenge wanted to reach their personal goals – get their bodies in
shape, reduce their body weight and/or gain muscle mass. The final
measurements as well as the before and after photos of the participants
all testify to the excellent results brought in by the Challenge.

 “The measurements that were conducted after three months of training
show incredible results, with respect to weight loss and a lower body
mass index as well as decreased circumference, metabolic age, and body
fat content. Three months of continuous training isn’t a short time to
devote yourself to and it often seems that people lose motivation
without proper encouragement. I’m proud that our participants persisted,
changed their lifestyles, and attained the goals they set before
training commenced,” says a clearly satisfied Matej Bunderla,
one of the four personal trainers, who prepared the candidates for
individual training sessions and encouraged them in overcoming all

The training programme differed from one participant to another,
since exercises were tailored to the goals and capabilities of each
individual. As singer Werner proudly stated when
talking about his goal, which was to lose weight and re-shape his body:
“With personalized, particularly adapted training sessions, each of the
challengers focused on exactly those exercises that helped him or her
reach the desired goal as fast as possible. I’m extremely proud of my
achievement. As part of the Millenium Athlete Challenge I lost 8.9 kg
and reduced my assessed metabolic age by 25 years. In addition, I
re-shaped my body and improved my endurance.”

Taking part in the Millenium Athlete Challenge, the candidates
familiarized themselves with different forms of fitness training. “The
diverse training routines helped keep the three-month-long challenge
interesting,” said participant Manja Blaha, when asked
about potential sources of motivation, and added: “What really stayed
with me the most is the recent training session together with members of
the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation. Seeing the focus and motivation of
elite athletes, such as Mitja Petkovšek, Sašo Bertoncelj, Rok Klavora,
Žiga Šilc, and Teja Belak, I also got some additional incentive to do
the hard exercises. I’m very happy that I’ve managed to complete the
Millenium Athlete Challenge. It means a lot that I could prove to myself
that I can do it – lose no less than 14.3 kg! For that, I want to thank
the excellent coaches who guided us along the way, cheered us on, and
constantly reminded us that we are on an excellent path to reach our
goals. I’ll definitely continue exercising!”

In addition to the personalized training sessions, the challengers
paid attention to a quality diet, in combination with the Athlete line
of sports products. The extravagant Salome also talked
about changing diets and her plans for maintaining a good physical
condition. “Every one of us got a special diet plan, prepared by our
coaches. And that is how I plan my meals now – I choose quality
groceries, weigh the amount of food, and eat a higher number of smaller
meals every day. I also resort to shakes and Athlete bars, especially
the delicious chocolate bar with the taste of orange and the coconut
chocolate shake. Combining personalized training sessions with a
balanced diet, I managed to get in excellent shape after only two months
of training, and I plan to maintain it in the future. It is my wish to
run at least 21 km at the Ljubljana marathon in autumn, so most of my
summer will be spent running in preparation for that particular
challenge. Starting in autumn, I’ll definitely spend a lot of time in
the Sports Centre Millenium fitness facility and continue on the path
set by our coaches in the Millenium Athlete Challenge.

The final meeting of challengers and their personal trainers
concluded with a healthy lunch in Atlantis Water Park. All the
participants agreed that the Millenium Athlete Challenge was an
excellent entryway into regular exercise, and consequently also more
frequent athletic engagement, while also improving their respective
diets. A clear goal, strong willpower, and a combination of regular
physical activity, quality nutrition, and encouragement from the coaches
as well as other participants, brought each challenger a step closer to
the perfect figure.

The Millenium Athlete Challenge is one of a number of projects in the
field of sports undertaken by the BTC Company, encouraging an active
lifestyle and the advancement of diverse sports disciplines. The company
has been supporting numerous athletes and sports associations for a
number of years, and is the organiser and sponsor of many prominent
sports events. In January of this year, for example, the BTC Company
vowed to support the development of Slovenian gymnastics by signing
sponsorship contracts with eight gymnasts, while also signing a
five-year sponsorship deal with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia in
May. As the event’s general sponsor, the BTC Company proudly awaits
Slovenia’s traditional festival of cycling, the 34th Marathon Franja BTC
City, which will take place between 12 and 14 June in BTC City


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Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communications and Public Relations Sector