project is a result of the BTC Company’s commitment towards sustainable
development and our environment. This year we already treated ourselves
to the first glasses of quality honey that does not contain any hard
metals, which one can easily find in an urban environment.

This year’s honey harvest once again proves that the bees have truly
found their place in our “city within the city”. 54 kilos of “liquid
gold” were poured into small container glasses in June, followed by
additional 22 kilos in July. The Carniolan honey bee, an autochthonous
bee subspecies, which found its home in our urban centre, received help
also from the BTC Company in the process of collecting honey. We helped
them by keeping our environment green and clean, planting just the right
amount of honey plants, and by providing the hard-working bees with
fresh water in the vicinity of the beehive, with which they were able to
power through the extreme heat of July.

Our care for the bees doesn’t stop here. With “Help the honey bee in
the city”, a subproject of the Mission: Green project, we want to bring
the role of bees in the lives of people closer to the young population
and spark its interest for urban beekeeping. We committed to this cause
with the competition “Bee-friendly School”. On the premises of the
primary school OŠ Medvode, which won the competition last year, we set
up a neat learning beehive, which will soon be enriched with a buzzing
group of hard-working bees and a tasty honey harvest.