The exercise bikes in Sports centre Millenium will once again serve a good cause. “Another year has gone by and the long awaited bike day lies before us again. Thank you all who will keep me company and doing so help others,” says Marko Baloh, the creative force and principle player of the 24-hour charity cycling. So far, in the ten iterations of this event, more than 800 people have taken part. In its 11th season, we have made it a challenge to surpass 100 cyclists.

All those who can hardly wait can start pushing the pedals together with Marko Baloh on Friday, 29th January, at 12 o’clock. The wheels will keep rolling throughout the entire day, up until noon the following day. During this time the cyclists, who only need their sports equipment and some good spirits to partake in the event, will take a virtual tour of Slovenia by watching videos of Slovenian landscapes, as well as some American landscapes.

The challenge is once again dedicated to the humanitarian organisation Ana’s little star. Everyone can show their support, since cycling is not a prerequisite for donating food. In 24 hours, visitors can come take a look at what is happening, have a chat, and contribute their donation in the aid effort to collect food with a longer shelf life.

The 24-hour charity cycling event is supported by the BTC Company, which is also a long-time sponsor of Marko Baloh. Charity is only one facet of cycling in BTC, where this dynamic sport constitutes a well-rounded project that plays a special role in the socially responsible activities of the company. Thanks to the investments the company has made in Slovenian cycling, fans can proudly root for the first Slovenian professional women’s team BTC City Ljubljana, which was co-founded by BTC, or take part in the traditional celebration of Slovenian cycling, Marathon Franja BTC City.

All who would like to participate in the charity event must book a session and a bike at the reception of Sports centre Millenium, either in person or by calling +386 (0)1/585 15 00 (every day from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.). Additional information on the 24-hour charity cycling event with Marko Baloh is available at the event website and Facebook page. The event and the accompanying studio programme will be streamed live at


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