For a good cause, 125 cyclists pushed their pedals in the company of Marko Baloh, one of the best ultra-cyclists in the world. In the scope of the charity event, the visitors managed to collect and donate over 500 kilograms of food with a long shelf life, with all the profits going to the humanitarian organisation Ana’s little star.

This year’s cycling extravaganza has followed the successful ten-year tradition of organising this event and has surpassed all expectations regarding the number of visitors and the amount of donated food for a good cause. Marko Baloh, the mastermind and the main actor of the event, expressed his satisfaction with a successful realisation of the event and the positive atmosphere: “Cycling definitely brings people closer, but when our socialising also has a charitable note, we can be even more satisfied and proud. The increasing number of enthusiastic visitors, athletes, and celebrities who attend our charity event is another proof that the number of people who are willing to help those in need is on the rise. The joy and satisfaction on the faces of those for whom we are collecting food and organising this traditional cycling event each year gives meaning to our work and efforts.«

The exercise bikes in Sports centre Millenium were in full swing for 24 hours straight. Cyclists who participated in the event were cheered on by numerous visitors who showed their support for this event. Among others, several public figures showed their kindness and good heart: Tina Trstenjak, Nejc Žnidarčič, Luka Rupnik, Sašo Bertoncelj, Mitja Petkovšek, Alen Dimic, Teja Belak, Žiga Šilc, Rok Klavora, Luka Kišek, Rok Čuček, BTC City Ljubljana cyclists, KD Rog cyclists, and many others.

During the 24-hour cycling event, visitors were able to donate food with a long shelf life. Together, we managed to collect over 500 kilograms of food, which in cooperation with the humanitarian organisation Ana’s little star will be given to those in need. The representatives of the institution for socially deprived have stressed the importance of compassion which joined all the event participants and continues to give hope to people: “Even though the lack of basic goods is something completely unimaginable for many Slovenians, everyday lives of some are still burdened by it. In the name of all those in need, I want to express my gratitude to all the donors of this charity cycling event for their time, compassion, and efforts. It is encouraging to see that people notice the social distress of others and are willing to actively and generously respond to it.”

In the scope of broader socially responsible efforts, the BTC Company, which has been a long-time sponsor of Marko Baloh, is a supporter of this 24-hour charity cycling event. Damjan Kralj, member of the BTC Management board and Director of Marketing, presented cycling as an integrated project of the BTC Company: “This event is part of a vivid mosaic of projects and activities by the BTC Company in the field of cycling, among which the co-establishment and the sponsorship of women’s cycling team BTC City Ljubljana and last year’s organisation of two popular cycling events on Slovenian soil must be pointed out: the 34th Marathon Franja BTC City – the dimension of this event surpasses national borders together with the European project My Sport is Franja, and part of the elite race Giro Rosa which took place in Slovenia, representing an exemplary international sports event on a state level.” He also added that the BTC Company as an active supporter of Slovenian cycling besides everything mentioned above also encourages sustainable urban mobility in Ljubljana, with cycling being one of its key elements. On top of that, he also stressed the importance of the company’s efforts regarding raising the awareness about children safety in traffic.


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Maja Oven, Director of Market Communications and Public Relations Sector;