The diversity of trainings which allow the participants to overcome their own limits is the particularity of the Millenium Izziv challenge, where motivation is key. The latter is found in visible results, encouraging words of trainers and last but not least in training in good company. Ana Dolinar Horvat was treated to all the above mentioned, as she was joined in her trainings by famous Slovenian athletes supported by the BTC Company: gymnasts Adela Šajn, Tetyana Zahorodnya, and Sašo Bertoncelj, and kayaker Nejc Žnidarčič.

“The necessary introduction to each training is warming up”, pointed out Vid Koblar who put together the training programme. Participants started their training with a series of warm up exercises which reduced the possibility of injuries. This was followed by exercises for the improvement of stability, balance, and for the strengthening of the musculature of the entire body, and concluded with the final stretching exercises.

Ana Dolinar Horvat said that the results shown so far are great motivation for future trainings: “When starting the Millenium Izziv challenge I set myself a goal of reducing body-fat and shaping my body. I have noticed that I am one step closer to my goal with every training and proper nutrition. How well I am actually prepared was seen when doing the exercise of squatting with a heavy ball on the Bosu half-ball, which we all did during our training with professional athletes, and when I was able to make a proper squat with the proper technique even with added weights.”

Gymnast Adela Šajn, who at the start of April ranked 2nd on the balance beam at the World Cup event in Ljubljana, explains the difference between the trainings of professional and recreational athletes: “During our joint training, my biggest challenge was to properly and successfully carry out all the exercises, which I rarely do in my trainings due to the specifics of my discipline. We all know that persistence is the basis of training for all professional and recreational athletes. If one needs to carry out an exercise a hundred times to be good, they need to repeat it 101-times to be excellent.”

The Millenium Izziv challenge is an integrated sports programme sponsored by the BTC Company, which supports numerous Slovenian athletes and sports organisations, and strengthens the Slovenian Olympic movement in BTC City Ljubljana. This year’s Millenium Izziv challenge is second in a row and it includes, along with Ana Dolinar Horvat, also three other challengers – Barbara Zalar, Matic Marolt, and Primož Erjavec. Under the expert supervision they are all encouraged to take on a more active lifestyle long-term. The 3-month programme which started in March will upon its conclusion in June with final measurements show how much lighter and slimmer will the participants start the summer. Follow the development of the Millenium Izziv challenge at or via Facebook #MilleniumIzziv.


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