The shopping habits of customers are constantly and quickly changing also when it comes to purchasing sports equipment, clothes and footwear. This represents new challenges for retailers and demands their constant adjusting to the needs and wishes of shoppers. In its stores, Intersport offers a wide variety of brand new and modern products for different sports activities. In order to do so, they need enough space to promote new products, space which is in many cases taken by remaining items and products from previous seasons. Thus, Intersport, which already has 37 stores all across Slovenia, decided on opening a first outlet store in Slovenia, in order to offer its customers high quality products at very attractive and reduced prices.

The new store in Hall 10 in BTC City Ljubljana offers sports equipment, footwear and clothes of renowned brands on a surface of over 1,000 square metres. 11 employees will be happy to help the customers, who can also take advantage of BTC City gift cards in the store.

Damjan Kralj, MA, Member of the BTC Management Board and Director of Sales and Marketing at BTC d.d., is very pleased with the expansion of the offer of sports equipment: “In today’s very dynamic world, sports and an active way of spending free time are of great importance for the preservation of health and well-being. BTC City Ljubljana focuses on creating opportunities for a quality life. Intersport is without a doubt the right partner for achieving this goal.”

Upon opening a new store, which took place in Hall 10 in BTC City Ljubljana on 15th September, Mateja Jesenek, MA, CEO of Intersport ISI Company said: “We will continue to pursue meeting the demands and needs of our customers in their various sports activities and endeavours. By opening a new outlet store in BTC City Ljubljana we offer our customers everything they need for care-free recreational activities and active spending of free time – all in a modern store and at extremely favourable prices.”

The Intersport Group with its 5,400 stores in 44 countries is the biggest international retailer of sports products. It has been present in Slovenia since 1999. Today, Intersport has 37 stores in Slovenia, 38 in Croatia, 13 in Serbia, 10 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 5 in Montenegro. With their franchise stores they are also present on the Macedonian, Albanian and Kosovar markets.

Besides the new Intersport outlet store, BTC City Ljubljana offers a wide array of products and services for quality and dynamic spending of free time, boasting 50 shops offering sports equipment, clothes, footwear of different brands intended for professional athletes as well as nature-lovers and all those who live a healthy lifestyle.

Additional information:

Maja Oven, Director of the Market Communications and Public Relations Sector