The selected works that the young created in scope of the project Slovenia has a Heart will first be presented to the public as part of the closing ceremony. The latter will be enriched by children’s choir from Galjevica Kindergarten, singer Alenka Godec, children’s folklore group Pojem-plešem from Galjevica Kindergarten, and actress Alenka Tetičkovič. The importance of upbringing and educating children with the help of well-designed picture books will be presented by developmental psychologist Dr Andreja Poljanec, PhD, and teacher Mateja Funkl. The importance of the project Slovenia has a Heart will be presented by philosopher Mateja Jamnik, MSc, and Director of Mission Green Business Unit, Miha Mermal. The exhibition will be open to all visitors of BTC City Ljubljana until the beginning of March in the lobby of the theatre SiTi Teater BTC.

As part of the project, 7,988 children from across Slovenia read two books. Kindergarten children dived into the picture book It is Right – It is not Right (Prav je – ni prav) by Anej Sam, while primary school children enjoyed reading the (picture) book Gentle Heart (Nežno srce) by the harmonious duo of authors, Neža Maurer and Anej Sam.

With the mentorship support of kindergarten and primary school teachers the children were able to creatively illustrate their experience with paintings, illustrations, sketches, letters to adults, etc. The project organisers received works of whopping 3,045 young creative minds, who in return for their participation received a free-of-charge book You are my Heart (Ti si moje srce) by Neža Maurer.

Encouraging the reading habits significantly affects the strengthening of cultural awareness. By supporting the project Slovenia has a Heart, the BTC Company exhibits its social responsibility. In 2016, the Company supported over 300 individuals, organisations, events and numerous activities and projects from different fields, including culture. Thereby, the Company supports talented individuals and ambitious organisations and encourages the values that pave the way to the vision of open society, determined by the BTC Company’s Development Strategy 2020.


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