On 17 May 2018, the BTC Logistics Centre hosted the traditional meeting of the BTC Logistics Centre business partners. To more than 70 business partners, Mr Jože Mermal, President of the BTC Management Board, and Mr Robi Košir, Director of the BTC Logistics Centre, presented the 2017 business report, the strategic focal points for the development of this business unit, and their efforts toward a technological breakthrough.

The BTC Company is known as an innovation-focused company, open to people, technologies and new business models, and a company that constantly seeks new opportunities for further improvement and advancement. In its business and shopping centre BTC City Ljubljana, the company welcomes its business partners who wish to test innovative concepts and solutions, including those in the domain of logistics, within the testing environment of the BTC Living Lab.

“At the start of this year, we witnessed the implementation of the modern payment platform Eligma with the innovative functionality EliPay, which enables cryptopayment in the physical world. Besides progress in retail, the BTC Company, in cooperation with the AV Living Lab and other partners, has made a big step forward in sustainable mobility and autonomous driving. The company has made immense progress also in the field of energy and the implementation of ICT-technologies in the company’s business operations. The fifth domain in which the BTC Company is currently experiencing a digital transformation is its BTC Logistics Centre business unit, which focuses on the development of smart logistics, which will take advantage of the opportunities provided by modern technologies, such as blockchain technology,” pointed out Mr Jože Mermal, President of the BTC Management Board.

“Besides the digitisation of business operations and cooperation with developmental and startup companies, we see the possibility of future expansion, including to other countries, in connecting with other providers of logistics services in the region, to whom we pay a lot of attention this year. We will also continue with our activities toward establishing the new Intermodal Logistics Terminal Ljubljana. Our plan for 2018 is to secure a 5% growth of our business,” said Mr Robi Košir, Director of the BTC Logistics Centre.

At the meeting, the participants were presented with a new feature – the construction of a new connecting warehouse. Located at the Letališka cesta road, it presents a uniform central warehouse, which is a big step forward in the optimisation of individual processes, the use of new technologies, the strengthening of business operations with technologically advanced mechanisation, and the consolidation of warehouse locations.

In the scope of the undertaking to facilitate a technological breakthrough, the BTC Logistics Centre seeks opportunities for connecting with different startups. One of them is OriginTrail, whose technological services, including their supply-chain protocol, are based on blockchain technology. The BTC Logistics Centre and OriginTrail stepped on the path of developmental cooperation and the testing of solutions in a real-life testing environment as early as in 2017. The partnership is writing multi-partner stories in the development and establishment of blockchain-based logistics models. Considerable potential of the OriginTrail experience lies in the connection with the primary activity of the BTC Logistics Centre – the logistics of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), whose typical characteristics are short delivery deadlines and strict client-side timetables.

In 2017, the BTC Logistics Centre recorded an income growth of 11%, which is a result of technological upgrades, warehouse expansion, a new connecting warehouse, the expansion of business operations with existing clients, and new strategic partnerships. New companies, who have joined the competency centre this year, will enable the use of new technologies in warehouses with their technological know-how. The development of new technologies and their implementation into business operations bring new opportunities for the renewal of business processes along the entire logistics chain, and with it also an opportunity for achieving greater added value.


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Meeting of BTC Logistics Centre business partners

PHOTO: Studio Bomba