The former Minister of Public Administration and the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Mr Boris Koprivnikar and BTC have agreed that Mr Boris Koprivnikar will continue his business career as BTC’s Executive Director of Business Transformation, to the satisfaction of both parties.

BTC is a company that invests extensively in the development of new technologies and strategically implements innovative projects harnessing the potential of digitisation and cutting-edge technology to provide its customers and business partners with friendly and straightforward solutions. For this purpose, BTC is developing a living lab and other platforms in its excitingly unique European testing area, using them to connect various ecosystems, for instance its startup accelerator, which helps forward-looking young enterprises and corporations gain access to international business and provides a testing ground for the most modern business processes and technologies – examples of this are BTC City as a potential test field for autonomous vehicles and BTC’s smart grid project focusing on energy reservoirs. Another platform which is currently in development and aims to connect the physical and the digital world in terms of e-commerce is Eligma. In addition, BTC is the co-founder of the European Blockchain Hub, which will be located in BTC City and will, among other things, test blockchain technologies for use by BTC and its partners, active in BTC City. BTC is also the recent recipient of the Digital Transformation award, as well as several other awards, such as the award for the innovative business model Ecoindex, the European social responsibility award, etc. All this testifies to the transformation of the company into one that seeks new smart business and development solutions in the wider scope of sustainable development and the harmonious co-existence of people.

BTC seeks its business growth and transformation in the opportunities presented by new technologies, well aware that synergies among diverse solutions, business lines and projects need to be funnelled into a supreme customer experience, business partner support, and the support of the developers of new solutions and business models. To achieve this, BTC is looking for experts who are capable of employing their understanding of and insight into complicated processes to coordinate and connect them in an intelligible, straightforward and accessible manner to the benefit of all, exhibiting awareness of the importance of social responsibility. The Executive Director of Business Transformation is going to actively contribute to the formation of future developmental priorities in all of BTC’s business pillars, which the company is building in order to raise the quality of life of all stakeholders.

On this occasion, Boris Koprivnikar said: “While I was entrusted with leading the Ministry of Public Administration and the coordination of the development of digital technologies, I already familiarised myself with BTC, which, together with many other Slovenian companies, actively contributed to the realisation of the concept ‘Slovenia, a green reference country in digital Europe’. BTC has bold plans for future development, which are based on stable business, diverse activities and modern technologies, which BTC and its associated companies see as opportunities for better business services and a better experience for customers and users of other services alike. I am pleased to become a part of this unique story of development, which features a smart digital city within a city and is quickly becoming an integrator of diverse organisations, services and technologies. In the spirit of integration, I will work to actively help shape and further realise the success story of BTC, thereby contributing to the success of the broader Slovenian business ecosystem, which is, with its “living lab”, already gaining international recognisability as a testing ground for the development of modern solutions, business models and future mobility.”


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