Companies BTC and RoboticsX fortify their partnership co-operation in order to envision advanced solutions, providing a better life for everyone with the use of the most modern technology. Yesterday they have signed a long-term lease agreement with which the German company RoboticsX acquired 1,800 m2 of business facilities in Hall 1 in BTC City Ljubljana. There, they will be developing advanced solutions in the field of factories of the future by implementing industrial intelligence, and will at the same time be organising educational and other events leading towards Society 5.0.

With the signing of the agreement and via the newly-established Slovene subsidiary company, the German company RoboticsX has become the leaseholder of 1,800 m2 of business facilities in BTC City Ljubljana, where they will develop software for smart machines and devices, plan prototype solutions, manage robots and other smart machines and devices, as well as organise educational events, hackathons, and other events. Thereby, RoboticsX is spreading its technology-related business premises to the BTC City Ljubljana area; these will also include a showroom and a research and development centre for developing smart robots and solutions for the advanced industrial automation and digitalisation.

Upon signing the agreement, mag. Damjan Kralj, Chief Executive Director at BTC, pointed out: “We are happy that RoboticsX have recognised the potential for growth inherent in our innovative ecosystem BTC City Ljubljana, which can provide them with a unique testing site for the development and testing of advanced business solutions in a real-life environment. We are especially happy to solidify our partnership with a company that shares our vision of developing a better world with the help of high technology. With such partners, BTC City Ljubljana and BTC are further positioned as the platform for innovative and technologically advanced companies in Slovenia and beyond.”

RoboticsX also view their partnership with BTC as an opportunity for an effective use and monetisation of knowledge obtained by connecting the industry with educational institutions, as well as by sharing their experiences with promising young associates. This is one of the ways in which they want to enhance their research and development team, already comprised predominantly of technical experts from the fields of computer science and electrical engineering, with professionals working in mechatronics and specialised mathematics. Artificial intelligence and technologies of the future demand a multidisciplinary approach, and the company is convinced that they can find suitable personnel in Slovenia.

Peter Boras, Head Executive Director and co-owner of RoboticsX: “RoboticsX is a German high-tech company specialising in the development of advanced industrial software in the field of smart robotics, automation, and digitalisation. With the new technology and development centre in Slovenia, we wish to establish a high-tech environment for the interdisciplinary development and the best possible environment for open learning and the exchange of knowledge and experiences, besides developing solutions in the domains of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0. For successful developmental projects, integration is vital; therefore, in partnership with the BTC Company, we build strong synergies within the environment of Open Society, which creates and combines business, social, and innovative ecosystems.”

The synergies with the BTC Company and BTC City Ljubljana, which is an excellent business environment for the development of advanced solutions, derive from the listed developmental policies of the company RoboticsX. This year, the BTC Company also established the BTC Innovation Centre, whose aim and mission are integration and developmental co-operation with technologically advanced companies from different industries. Numerous companies have already taken full advantage of the BTC Living Lab, a real-life testing environment of BTC City Ljubljana which enables testing of prototypes, new technological solutions and products in a real-life environment, thereby providing the basis for their further advancement and breakthrough onto foreign markets. In the scope of Innovation and Digitalisation business unit, the BTC Company has already developed operation areas BTC Mobility Living Lab (AV Living Lab), which is used for the development and testing of new forms of mobility, BTC Retail Living Lab, in which they develop new platforms and advanced user experiences, and BTC Smart City Living Lab, used for testing and developing smart-city technologies. In the future, BTC anticipates the development of new operation areas, the so-called Living Labs also in the field of robotics, among others.


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Companies BTC and RoboticsX solidify their partnership

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