On Monday, 14 October 2019, BTC City Ljubljana will host the event “Micro-mobility: the next best thing?” organised by the European Commission. In the scope of the event, the parking lot in front of the Crystal Palace will offer a presentation of different micro-mobility modes to the public, including electric scooters, electric bikes, drones and other mobility and delivery services accessories and solutions across urban areas.

Micro-mobility represents a growing phenomenon in many European cities. In the streets and in the air, we can admire different means of transportation and delivery services, whose common denominator is electricity. On Monday, 14 October, visitors will acquaint themselves with the mentioned micro-mobility solutions in front of the Crystal Palace in BTC City Ljubljana.

BizGarden and Dronhub Innovations companies in co-operation with Symbios Funding & Consulting will through digital features present their autonomous services – BVLOS UAV drones. Pipistrel Vertical Solutions will display its scale model of an electric plane – Pipistrel Concept 801 Urban Air Taxi. Emicon Adria will present its Bikeep service – safe electric bike and electric scooter parking and charging infrastructure with locking system. SURAAA (Smart Urban Region Austria Alps Adriatic) will put on display its electric passenger drone eVTOL, Narcine its electric scooters, while UBER will present its dockless co-sharing electric bikes and electric scooters JUMP.

Among the exhibitors, there will also be AV Living Lab which through digital features will present its “City as a Lab” service – a city as a testing environment. Currently, the company offers its business partners in the BTC City Ljubljana area the testing of advanced business ideas in a real-life environment, full of various every-day interactions and events. Among others, they test numerous solutions in the field of mobility and micro-mobility.

In the scope of the event, in the Crystal Palace the conference “Micro-mobility: the next big thing?” will take place, organised by the European Commission, where guests will discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by micro-mobility for the mobility of people in urban areas and for delivery services.


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Micro-mobility: the next best thing?