On Tuesday, 22nd December 2020, BTC and Spar Slovenija signed a new agreement for the provision of logistic services, encompassing storage and distribution services of various products for the period of 10 years. This encourages both companies to continue their strategic partnership that has proven successful over the past 20 years, as well as their long-term partnership in the field of logistics, which was established in 2003 by introducing the joint logistics and distribution centre located at the Letališka cesta road in Ljubljana. In 2021, both companies plan to implement new investments in their joint trade activities. Next year, Spar Slovenija plans to invest 5 million euro in the renovation of Interspar Megamarket in BTC City Murska Sobota.

The new agreement on the provision of logistics services signed by BTC and Spar Slovenija includes the storage and the distribution of daily fresh and frozen produce, as well as other food and non-food products, including technical items. The companies will continue their long-standing strategic partnership in the field of logistics, with additional logistics services ensured by BTC for Spar Slovenija in the scope of contractual activities, e.g., labelling, repackaging and cross-docking, as well as implementing logistics services in different temperature regimes and carrying out transportation services for SPAR Online shop. With the signed agreement, the companies will continue their cooperation for the period of 10 years.

“At BTC, we are proud to upgrade and strengthen our strategic partnership with Spar Slovenija by signing the cooperation agreement in the field of logistics services, especially since our long-standing cooperation has proven to be excellent and based on mutual trust. We firmly believe we enable the common growth of companies and the development of slim logistics chains by tightly connecting our business partners in the field of supplying the population with products. These chains help the BTC Logistics centre to smoothly implement efficient and comprehensive logistics services which supply the leading regional food industry companies and retailers, among them also Spar Slovenija stores. Our logistics services ensure food and everyday products are supplied to approximately 1,200 delivery locations across Slovenia” emphasised mag. Damjan Kralj, Chief Executive Officer at BTC.

“At Spar Slovenija, we are facing a strong investment cycle which will last for several years. In this period, we aim to expand our sales network, thus, we put special emphasis on optimising the warehouse and transport processes which provides for the best possible support to our branch offices and franchise partners. We are very satisfied to continue our cooperation with BTC in this field, since they are a partner that understands our needs and adapts to them accordingly. We are certain that our successful cooperation will continue on a high professional level also in the scope of the new 10-year logistics services agreement, which will surely result in the joint success of both companies,” said mag. Igor Mervič, General Director of Spar Slovenija.

Along with the cooperation in the field of logistics, the companies are also connected through trade activities, since there are two Spar Slovenija food stores in BTC City Ljubljana and Murska Sobota. In 2021, the Interspar store in the shopping centre in Pomurje will see thorough renovation according to their most recent concept, investing approximately 5 million euro in the project. The renovation will – along with arranging the interior of the Interspar Megamarket – include the opening and glazing of a part of the shopping centre’s east-side façade. This will be Spar Slovenija’s third major investment in BTC City Murska Sobota since the opening of its store in 1998 – this was expanded to a megamarket in 2003 and complemented with the Interspar Restaurant in 2008. BTC makes investments in BTC City Murska Sobota on a yearly basis; from 2015 to 2020, the company together with its business partners invested over 4.5 million euro in managing the facilities and expanding the offer. In the next five years, BTC will invest additional 1.5 million euro in the planning and managing of the centre.

Over 20 years of successful cooperation of BTC and Spar Slovenija would not be possible without their shared values and visions. All along, both companies have strived towards sustainable development, placing in the foreground the satisfaction and open dialogue with key stakeholders, the excellence of implementing services and the care for the environment and broader community.


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BTC and Spar Slovenija signed a new agreement

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