BTC City Ljubljana’s Sports Center Millenium hosted the already 17th charity cycling event with Marko Baloh. In twelve hours of selfless bike riding, joined by his fellow good-hearted cyclists, top Slovenian athletes and other donors, the ultra-distance cyclist raised funds for charity in collaboration with Truhoma. The funds were used to buy fruit and vegetable packages for 50 families in need.

At the 17th edition of the charity cycling event, a total of 72 participants joined Marko Baloh on stationary bikes in Sports Center Millenium. Among them were many top Slovenian athletes, including Jure Košir, Mitja Petkovšek, Samo Jeranko, Teja Belak, Tjaša Kysselef, Ana Čufer and the women’s team of cycling club Rog. They were also joined by the organizer of the Run to the Top of the Crystal Palace Boštjan Gams and the director of the Slovenian Tennis Association Gregor Krušič.

In addition to the distances ridden in SC Millenium, the Slovenian ultra-cyclist Marko Baloh, who started the charity cycling event, is the holder of several world records and podium placements at ultra-distance cycling events. He is the first cyclist to have ridden more than 900 kilometres in the span of 24 hours and is the holder of the 1000 km road record. At this year’s charity cycling event, he rode 459 km in 12 hours, with an average speed of 38 km/h. During the ride, he drank 10 l of liquids, consumed 4200 calories and burned 7800 calories.

The charity funds for the purchase of fruit and vegetable packages for families in need were raised up through the Truhoma online platform. As Ana Lukner Roljič, the founder of the charity Anina zvezdica (“Anna’s little star”) and Truhoma, pointed out: “We at Anina zvezdica are proud that we could participate in the charity cycling with Marko Baloh many times already. This year was the first time that we raised funds through the innovative platform Truhoma, specifically for the purchase and delivery of fruit and vegetable packages, which families in need unfortunately can’t afford. I’m glad that many people and companies use Truhoma to make donations and run charity campaigns, which shows that they too want full transparency, which is the foundation of Truhoma and an absolute necessity in charity.”

The event was also attended by Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer at the BTC Company, who said: “At the BTC Company, we support many sports, with cycling being especially dear to our heart. The story of Marathon Franja BTC City continues every year precisely with our support, we sponsor young female cyclists through cycling club Rog, and we also promote cycling through our longtime friendship with Marko Baloh. Above all, we like to participate in events, where cycling meets charity. We’re happy to support the charity cycling event in its 17th edition as well, and contribute to a better everyday life for families in need.”


The 17th charity cycling event raises 50 packages for families in need

PHOTO: Studio Bomba