At the intersection of regional and international supply routes in the Zalog district in Ljubljana, the technologically advanced and energy efficient Logistics Centre Zalog opened its doors. The BTC Company has taken over the management of the centre from the owner, Kobal Nepremičnine. Thereby, the BTC Company has additionally strengthened its position as one of the leading providers of logistics services in the field of fast-moving consumer goods in Slovenia, and has expanded its business operations also onto other areas of logistics by employing a higher level of automatisation and robotisation. The investment in the construction and equipment of the modern Logistics Centre Zalog amounted to 36 million EUR.

The new Logistics Centre Zalog is primarily intended for storage and manipulation of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) with the option of adapting the capacities for other types of goods. Spanning on a surface of 40,000 m² and with the facility height of 12 metres, it boasts 50,000 pallet spaces and features 42 docking ramps. The reception and storage of goods are possible at different temperature regimes. At the new location, the BTC Company offers its business partners a wide array of high-quality logistics services, including commissioning, shipping of delivery goods, order administration, management of returnable packaging, planning of optimal transport routes and many others. A whopping number of 180 employees will provide logistics services at the Logistics Centre Zalog.

The Logistics Centre Zalog boasts numerous solutions for greater energy efficiency. Among others, the facility uses a system of smart LED lighting with the regulation of individual lights and the monitoring of energy consumption, and on top of it all, above the office space, it boasts one of the largest green rooftops in Slovenia, which spans 4,500 m2 and provides additional protection against weather conditions. Additionally, the facility is also equipped with one of the largest photovoltaic power plants on the rooftop of an industrial building in Slovenia, spanning 6,000 m2 and having the power of 800 KW, with the possibility of expanding to 35,000 m2 and having the power of 4.8 MW in the future. The water-water heat pump is used for heating. The Logistics Centre Zalog prioritises efficient transport practices and thereby strives towards the reduction of carbon emissions and fuel consumption, which includes the optimisation of delivery routes.

The Logistics Centre Zalog uses various technological solutions – including the advanced information system WMS SymphonyGold, which allows for the issuing and loading of goods to be carried out by drivers without the presence of warehouse employees also during night time – for efficient stock management and manipulation of goods. The Logistics Centre employs rack construction with VNA (Very Narrow Aisle Racking) in which semi-automatic system forklifts operate on the basis of the inductive loop and the integrated RFID transponders. The latter system enables automatic unloading and reception of goods from specific warehouse locations as per orders received from electronic exchanges of data with business partners. The warehouse is equipped with an advanced video surveillance system. For cleaning purposes, an automatic cleaning device is used.

The logistics facility is at an easily accessible location in the immediate vicinity of the Ljubljana motorway ring, at the crossroads of supply routes and international transit logistics chains (of Central and East Europe and the Adriatic region). Adding to the strategic location is the vicinity of airports (Ljubljana, Zagreb, Venice) and ports (Koper, Trieste, Rijeka).

The Kobal Group is a fast developing, dynamic company with a young and ambitious team. It was established in 1995 with just one truck. Each year, they manage to adapt to the demands of the market. Today, they have an impressive fleet of over 300 various vehicles with which they supply the Slovenian and the European market throughout the year. The group specialises in the transport of goods across Slovenia, i.e. the transport of foodstuff at specific temperature regimes, where they constantly develop and upgrade the quality of their services which are vital for their business operations.

The BTC Logistics Centre is one of the leading providers of logistics services pertaining to fast-moving consumer goods in Slovenia. The centre is distinguished by integrated and adjustable logistics services, among them are the logistics of food products, cold logistics of foodstuffs, 3PL logistics pertaining to retail, logistics services in support of e-commerce and logistics for other domains. Currently spanning 101,500 m2 of indoor warehouse capacities, they transport 11,000 goods pallets a day, load 300 trucks and provide 1,200 deliveries to end consumers. With the introduction of the Logistics Centre Zalog, these capacities have been greatly increased, spanning 130,000 m2 of indoor warehouse areas since the beginning of June.