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FIS Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup

BTC is a long term supporter and sponsor of the Ljubno BTC Ski Jumping Club and gladly took the opportunity to support the organisation of the first Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup in February of 2012. Organisation of a World Cup event was a condition set for Slovenian ski jumpers by the International Olympic Committee for their participation at the Sochi Olympic Games.

But we did not stop with the Winter Olympics. Since 2012 we have organised a Ski Jumping World Cup event in Ljubno each year and the event draws over 11,500 sports fans to the venue with a further 500,000 watching the live stream on Slovenian national television at home. The story of the brave ski jumping women touched the hearts of a great many Slovenians, as attested by the fact that we reached over 200,000 Facebook users in the week before the event. That means one in every four Slovenian Facebook users.

The charming sports story also proved an excellent means of promoting Slovenia around the world as the event was transmitted live on TV in 15 countries ranging from North America to Japan and was also transmitted live on Eurosport, the international sports network.