BTC Logistics Center – an excellence in FMCG logistics.

Time and quality are of the essence. We simplify complex logistics processes.

Our Core competencies.

Food & Beverage Logistics

Our core logistics competence is built in a highly demanding food & beverage industry with a focus on short lead times and strict sales schedules. We are proud to deliver logistics excellence to major regional food and beverage companies and grocery retailers on a daily basis.

Fresh & Frozen Food Logistics

Building on our food & beverage logistics competence we have also gain an expertise in refrigerated logistics. No matter what the outside conditions are, we guarantee to meet your specific temperature needs. Our efforts in temperature controlled logistics are trusted by leading regional producers, suppliers and grocery retailers in fresh and frozen product category.

3PL Retail Logistics

One of the most important logistics competencies we have built in a long term business relationship with one of the leading European grocery retailers have resulted in a privileged status of being a third-party logistics provider (3PL) for the client. The agility we provide on a daily basis in order to meet challenges of retail supply chain pushes us to the new logistics limits.

E-commerce last mile delivery

Keeping up with the latest multichannel trends in the retail industry we have the expertise to manage your logistics needs also in the field of e-commerce. In a Business to Customer (B2C) settings where inventory transparency and fulfilment times are key success factors we deliver results for one of the leading European grocery retailers.

Other industries

Our logistics expertise and decades of experience allow us to manage your logistics needs whatever the nature and demands of your business are. We provide solutions for the automotive industry, heating, ventilation, and air-condition industry to name just a few of them. Bringing up together our cross industry and multichannel expertise equips us with comprehensive, adjustable, and robust logistics solutions to deliver promised results in any field of the industry.


ISO 9001:2015 – certificate for quality management systems

ISO 14001:2015 – certificate for environmental management systems

ISO 50001:2011 – certificate for energy management systems

HACCP – certificate for the food safety systems

SI-EKO-003 - certificate of storage and distribution of organic products

From reliable warehousing to efficient transportation management and distribution flow of your goods.

Find out more how we can meet your requirements with optimised and efficient logistics solutions.

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square meters
of closed warehousing capacities:
local, customs, excise

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square meters
of warehousing capacities
with a temperature regime

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square meters
of overall terminal areas
for freight vehicles

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pallet picks per day

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end clients for delivery
per day

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loaded freight vehicles
per day

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of office space

We make sure all aspects of your logistics needs run effectivelly and efficiently at the same time we strive to reduce negative impacts on the community and environment.

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The solar power plant on the roofs of two logistics facilities produces up to 1,000,000 kWh of electricity and spares the environment 700 tons of CO2 per year.

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The BTC Logistics Centre has its own ecological station for separating waste and waste compactor.

A trusted partner in your logistics challenges.

We are proud to provide logistics solutions to major local and regional business partners.