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BTC Logistics Centre.

Logistics of the future today

Explore the benefits of integrated

logistics services.

We are a provider of integrated logistics services: we assure storage, commissioning and all other goods related services, including distribution to end buyers.

Our logistics services are supported by:

1. WMS/ warehouse management information technology
2. TMS/ direct link to the transport planning information system

Both systems enable paperless operation, 100 percent traceability of goods in the supply chain and reliable and direct links between buyers and suppliers.

The main business goal of the BTC Logistics Centre is to maintain its position as a leading specialised provider of logistics services in the national market and expand its established logistics services model in the region.


ISO 9001 - quality certification

ISO 14001 - environmental protection standard

ISO 50001 - energy standard

HACCP - certification for storage and distribution of ecological products

ISO 55001: 2014 - asset management system certification

SI-EKO-003 - certificate of storage and distribution of organic products


takeover and storage of goods

process optimisation


dispatch of goods for delivery

order administration

labelling, re-packaging

storage of goods in all temperature regimes

national distribution

international distribution

management of returnable packaging

Location, location, location.
Road, rail and international network.

Areas of operation and distribution

Exceptional logistics services of exceptional dimensions..

We perform services in two locations:
BU BTC Logistics Centre Ljubljana and BU BTC Novo mesto.

If desired, logistics services can also be provided at the premises of the client.


square meters
of closed warehousing capacities:
local, customs, excise


square meters
of warehousing capacities
with a temperature regime


square meters
of overall terminal areas
for freight vehicles


skomisioniranih palet
z blagom dnevno


end clients for delivery
per day


loaded freight vehicles
per day


square meters
of office space


in the Conference Hall

Trust in all directions
takes us further

Local and foreign partners: Spar Slovenia, Petrol, Atlantic Grupa, Dr. Oetker, Barilla,
Revoz/Michelin, Beiersdorf and many others

Intermodal Logistics Terminal, ILT Ljubljana

New business challenge and opportunity for economic development

Discover the potential of ILT Ljubljana – the leading land based logistics provider in southeastern Europe, positioned on the crossroads of two major European freight corridors.

Logistics activities in the ILT:

shared international transport and goods distribution

international groupage and distribution of goods

express deliveries of smaller shipments

rail transportation

direct transfer of goods between rail and road

combined transport - containers and swap bodies

container terminal services

forwarding services and customs brokerage

other logistics related services

An environment that creates innovative and sustainable ideas.

BTC Logistics Centre – proud recipient of the Green Logistics 2013 award

Innovative and sustainable logistics of the future.

Logistics activities go hand in hand with the development of advanced technology which reduces impacts on the community and environment..

Services of the BTC Logistics Centre are supported by first class information and communication technology that enables optimal handling of goods.

This means less trips and other logistics manipulations, reducing the consumption of energy on one side and reducing the costs of operation on the other. An additional advanced energy and water management system enables effective supervision of energy use.

In the field of transportation services the BTC Logistics Centre collaborates with a contractor that also actively pursues environmental protection.

Activities include constant modernisation of the fleet in accordance with the highest European ecology standards and acquisition of certificates such as the Recodrive certificate and the ISO 9001 quality management system certification.


The solar power plant on the roofs of two logistics facilities produces up to 1,000,000 kWh of electricity and spares the environment 700 tons of CO2 per year.


The BTC Logistics Centre and its surroundings are lighted by modern LED lights.


The BTC Logistics Centre has its own ecological station for separating waste and waste compactor.


is a unique hub where we develop innovative solutions for optimizing logistics processes and services in the entire supply chain together with our business partners, experts and contractors.


is a space where visitors can view and explore the state of the art technology that drives advanced logistics processes.

Time and quality are of the essence.
We simplify complex logistics processes.


Questions? Answers are on the way.

Robi Košir,

director of BTC Logistics Centre

Telephone:  + 386 (0)1 585 11 90
Fax: + 386 (0) 1 585 10 07
Address:  Letališka cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana

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