AI-driven and Blockchain-based
cognitive commerce platform

Established by the BTC company and a group of young experts, the Eligma company has been developing a new online platform that will simplify, accelerate and offer cost-effective online shopping to customers all over the world. The Eligma platform will introduce a totally new, better and technologically advanced customer experience that will facilitate safe, transparent and modern shopping with the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

This visionary and global project, that will enable all its users to pay for their purchases with cryptocurrencies as well, has been recognized by the BTC company as an exceptional opportunity for its visitors, customers and business partners. The Eligma platform will be exclusively introduced and implemented in BTC CITY Ljubljana for the first time.

With ELIGMA, BTC will build a link between the physical and digital worlds and offer its visitors, consumers and business partners a modern innovative environment, which will be an important step towards achieving its long-term vision: to become one of the first blockchain shopping centres in the world with a unique shopping experience for its customers and visitors.