The pride of Kolpa from Bela krajina in Ljubljana

In the showroom and store of bathroom fixtures Kolpa san, Kolpa exhibits primarily products in the high and mid price range – from bathtubs to massage systems, shower cubicles, massage cabins, steam saunas and bathroom furniture.

Everyone, especially investors and architects, can also take a closer look at Kolpa’s other brand, Kerrock – the composite material of the future.

When bathroom becomes kolparoom

 “Kolpa is a modern manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, a trendsetter in our area. Perhaps we haven’t stressed this enough in Slovenia. People only saw our products piecemeal, in various bathroom fixture stores, where we will of course remain present, but the Ljubljana showroom enables us to display the whole range of our programme in one place. To show what it means when a bathroom becomes a kolparoom,” said president of the Kolpa Management board, Mr Mirjan Kulovec, and continued: “This showroom is also of great value to everyone who works at Kolpa. After almost 40 years of successful business, Kolpa deserves a showroom in the capital of Slovenia. In the past couple of years we have made great strides in our technology as well as the design of our products and it is only right that we should show it to a wider public.”

Donating a bathroom

Kolpa also shared its joy upon opening the new showroom with those who cannot afford a new bathroom. In cooperation with the charity Ana’s little star, they donated all the necessary bathroom fixtures for a full bathroom renovation to a family in need.