Last week, the BTC Company received the Certificate of Financial Reliability issued by Prva bonitetna agencija, d. o. o. This document certifies that the company’s performance and financial reliability are exceptional in the Slovenian economic area and beyond. With this certificate, the company has joined an elite group of the most financially reliable business entities in Slovenia, which represent 6.81% of the best in the country.

The Certificate of Financial Reliability is awarded to those business entities for which Prva bonitetna agencija, d. o. o., on the basis of balance sheet data and other publicly available business information, certifies that they have a negligible or virtually zero chance of encountering any kind of solvency issues in the upcoming year or two. Among other things, the certificate confirms the above-average financial situation of the BTC Company. It testifies that the company finances its business operations with the respective share of its own capital and ensures the liquidity of its current business operations.

“This certificate further assures our business partners that BTC operates with its financial assets responsibly in the short as well as the long term. We are aware that financial stability is crucial for successful business operations and the future development of our company,” said Rajko Čvorovič, Financial Director and Board Member at the BTC Company.

BTC also substantiates its financial reliability with the Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness, which it received from Bisnode Slovenija already for the third time in 2018.