Nomago, the largest Slovenian travel and mobility provider, and BTC, which operates one of the largest centres of its kind in Europe under the brand name BTC City, have joined forces to step into the future of electric mobility. From now on, passenger transportation services around BTC City Ljubljana will be operated by Nomago – with a brand new electric bus. This is the first case of an electric bus being part of a special regularly scheduled route in Slovenia.

“This latest project undertaken with BTC proves that the future of large Slovenian urban environments can indeed be electric and green. If we want to preserve our environment, we have to start thinking outside the box when considering the development of our daily mobility, and take the necessary first steps to achieve that goal. The introduction of the first electric bus in Slovenia is an important milestone for the wider environment, but at the same time only a small stone in the mosaic of our future mobility. It is also because of projects such as this one that Nomago is becoming a reference point for green mobility. In the long run, we want to further include alternative fuel vehicles in public as well as international passenger transportation. So far, we have successfully tested electric buses on the international route Nova Gorica–Gorica and in Ljubečna near Celje, the city buses in Celje are fuelled exclusively by natural gas, in Velenje we are discussing the possibility of a hydrogen vehicle, and by 2022 we aim to use electric buses also in long-distance passenger transfer,” said mag. Sandi Brataševec, CEO of Nomago.

“Our partnership with Nomago has made us the first Slovenian shopping centre with its own electric bus, which is another important step in the development of our sustainable mobility. The new electric bus is friendlier to people and the environment since it doesn’t cause any bad emissions or noise. Within the framework of our sustainable development strategy and the business pillar Mission: Green, BTC is stressing the importance of sustainable mobility. We have already done a lot in this regard in the past, cooperating with business partners to implement projects reducing the negative environmental impact of traffic, enhancing traffic flow, and improving the safety of all road users. I do believe that our partnership with Nomago will open even more opportunities for sustainability in the future,” said Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at BTC.

Passenger transportation in BTC City Ljubljana will be free-of-charge and operational every weekday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. When necessary, for example accompanying bigger events, it will also be running on weekends. Transportation will be carried out with the Iveco Daily fully electric bus. The bus will be able to charge at several electric recharging points, which have already been set up in BTC City Ljubljana and are among the most modern of their kind in Slovenia.

About Nomago

Nomago is a comprehensive travel and mobility provider, transporting passengers daily into 49 Slovenian cities, as well as offering travel options to 195 countries across the world. With its Nomago InterCity service, Nomago is present in 7 countries and connects passengers with 31 cities in Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia. The company primarily strives to provide each individual or group with transportation services that are always convenient, personal, comfortable, and adapted to the expectations of a modern digital society. In addition to its customer focus, Nomago is committed to sustainability and is one of the co-signatories of EDISON (Eco Driving Innovative Solutions and Networking), already expanding its fleet solely with EURO 5 and EURO 6 compliant vehicles, as well as undertaking projects involving electric vehicles.

Electric bus

PHOTO: Studio Bomba