Zoran Janković, Mayor of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, Samuel Ulfgard, First Secretary at the Swedish Embassy in Vienna, and Jože Mermal, Chairman of the Board of Directors at BTC, d. d., joined Sara Del Fabbro, CEO of IKEA South East Europe, and Vladislav Lalić, Regional Property and Expansion Manager at IKEA South East Europe, at today’s symbolic event, marking the start of construction works for the first IKEA store in Slovenia, in BTC City Ljubljana.

With all the documentation being settled and having obtained the construction permits in August, all the prerequisites for starting the construction works have been fulfilled. The Swedish retailer of furniture solutions will invest 90 million Euros in the construction of its store and plans to employ up to 300 people. When completed, the 31,000 m2 store will offer about 9,500 furniture products of excellent design and quality at affordable prices. It will also provide a playground for children, a 450-seat restaurant, a bistro, a Swedish food shop, parking spaces for more than 170 bicycles and 1,000 cars, including 10 electric vehicle charging stations and a city bike rental station.

Sara Del Fabbro, IKEA SEE CEO, said that the company is pleased to be able to add Slovenia to its global network, currently comprising 430 stores in 52 markets. “This is a major milestone for us today and we are all very proud that the first IKEA store in Slovenia is ever closer to reality. I am delighted that it will be one of the most centrally located IKEA stores in the world and a great reflection of our ambition – reaching our customers in today’s urban world.” She added that special attention will be paid to the introduction of many sustainable solutions, which will also have a positive impact on the neighbourhood community.

Vladislav Lalić, Regional Property and Expansion Manager at IKEA South East Europe, thanked the Slovenian authorities for their support in the implementation of the integrated project. “Our ambition is to build the store in Ljubljana as quickly as possible, and therefore we really appreciate the strong commitment of the city and of the national authorities to effectively address administrative and legal issues along the way.” Lalić also presented an innovative approach to sustainable concepts that IKEA will implement in Ljubljana, including responsible waste and wastewater management, the use of renewable energy sources and the equipment with low or zero carbon footprint.

When completed, 90 percent of the energy needed for the operating of the store in Ljubljana will be obtained from renewable sources, including solar panels on the roof. Geothermal energy will be used for heating and rainwater for flushing and watering. Typical local types of trees will be planted in the green areas next to the store, while at the same time the roof will be greenified. The separation of waste will be organised for 23 different types of waste and wastewater treatment will be provided by a smart system.

Source: IKEA


IKEA starts construction works