The project, which promotes safe cycling and has been supported by BTC for eight years, encourages an active and especially safe involvement of our youngest road users in traffic through interesting and educational assignments.

Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, which caused some plans for the contest to fall through, the schools did carry out their activities as best as they could given the circumstances and successfully concluded their assignments. This year, more than 10 thousand children from over 120 Slovenian schools participated in the contest, spreading awareness about road safety and an active lifestyle while also competing for a wide range of practical and financial rewards. The main awards for completing the assignments were won by primary schools OŠ Tišina, OŠ Bršljin and OŠ Jurija Vege Moravče.

The kids also used their road safety knowledge in real-world environments, specifically at cycling-focused sporting days or by tallying up kilometres on the bike for their schools. Primary school OŠ Selnica ob Dravi won the latter category, with 113 pupils riding 85,726 kilometres from October to April. The winner of the category cycling-focused sporting days was primary school OŠ Ivanjkovci, which got the most points by organising a week of cycling to school in the autumn and actively raising awareness on sustainable mobility throughout the entire year. The kids also looked for interesting bike trips in their municipalities, ones that would be suited for family outings – primary school OŠ Bršljin won in this category with their project “S kolesom med novomeškimi drevesi” (“Cycling among the trees of Novo mesto”). For their excellent work, all three schools will receive free bike servicing for their pupils and the local community.