Today, the University Medical Centre Ljubljana received the BTC Company’s donation of medical protective gear, i.e. 100,000 protective surgical masks to provide safer work conditions for healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The BTC Company is aware that the current situation demands protection of people’s health and life as a priority goal. Therefore, the BTC Company wishes to actively support the efforts of healthcare professionals who represent the key pillar in limiting the spread of the epidemic and treating the sick. To this end, 100,000 protective three-layer surgical masks have today been donated to the University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

Mag. Damjan Kralj, Chief Executive Officer at the BTC Company, emphasised upon handing over the donation on behalf of the BTC Company: “In these extraordinary times, our company strives to help the community where we operate, since we believe that today social responsibility and actions of solidarity are particularly important. We wish for our donation of 100,000 protective masks to contribute to safer work of healthcare professionals who on a daily basis are the ones on the front lines selflessly tending to the health of individuals and therefore all of us.

Janez Poklukar, General Manager at University Medical Centre Ljubljana, added: “The University Medical Centre Ljubljana is striving to help all the infected and at the same time to ensure a safe work environment for all our employees, who with their unselfish efforts are on the frontlines in the fight against the insidious and extremely infectious virus. Due to everyday contact with potentially infected people, we as well as other healthcare institutes in our country deal with the lack of protective gear, which is crucial in the preservation of health of our employees and patients. I want to express my gratitude for the donation, which in these harsh times is more than appreciated and will for some time allow us to meet the need for protective masks.”

Today’s donation followed the BTC Company’s funds from last week which were donated to the society Društvo za zdravje naroda in order for them to purchase 1,000 quick coronavirus tests. The mentioned society in charge of providing a better, more efficient and accessible healthcare system will donate the purchased quick tests to health care institutions all over Slovenia according to the estimated level of emergency.

In addition to donations, the BTC Company takes a number of preventative measures to ensure a safe environment for employees, business partners, and visitors of its centres. As a result, more than 50 measures on the company level have been taken to raise awareness, encourage preventive actions of employees and provide an appropriate work environment to reduce the possibility of coronavirus spreading. Special attention is paid to the BTC Logistics Centre, which provides uninterrupted supply of essential products to the people in the time of crisis.


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Donation of protective surgical masks

PHOTO: University Medical Centre Ljubljana